Why You Should Consider a Lance 960 Backpack Camper

There are a lot of RV options out there to buy and rent. The image that may come to mind when you picture an RV is the super-bus motorhome, but there are other versions of RVs that are different. One such version is the backpack camper RV.

The backpack camper RV, also called the cab-over or truck bed camper, is a camper that slides right onto your truck bed. They’re like trailers, in that you attach them to your truck, but they’re like driveable RVs that you drive with your “home” right on top of your wheels. 

There are plenty of benefits and advantages in owning a backpack camper like the Lance 960 Truck Camper.

The Benefits and Advantages of the Lance Backpack Camper

One of the biggest benefits of a backpack camper is the versatility and flexibility in its movement. Towing a trailer can mean having to worry about how one can move. The same goes for a bus-like motorhome where you’re limited with regard to the places you can move. You can easily drop your backpack camper off, though, and move freely with your truck. 

Another benefit of a backpack camper is the great gas mileage. Larger RVs that trail behind you or are driveable can necessitate extra gallons and an emptier wallet. 

A backpack camper, in contrast, has a smaller profile and is less of an expense when it comes to the gas station. A backpack camper is also much easier to maintain and repair than a towable or driveable RV.

Taking a Closer look at the Lance 960

The Lance 960 incorporates all of the benefits just described and is designed with you in mind. In fact, it was designed based on the input of experienced camper owners. Who better to ask than experienced owners across the country? 

Thanks to their input, this truck camper gives you the most bang for your buck. It has all the desired features, capabilities, and functionality of most modern RVs and campers. In every category, it delivers only the best in comfort and capability.

The Exterior Features for Travel and Living

The Lance 960 comes with all sorts of features for ease of travel and outdoor living. Features like the aluminum rear bumper and electric remote control camper jacks make it simple and easy to mount and dismount your camper from the bed of your truck without the worry of damage or strain. 

The camper also comes equipped with an exterior handwash station so that you don’t track dirt into the camper. 

Meanwhile, after a long day, you can enjoy the night sky with the skylight built into the roof of the cab-over. You can also choose to upgrade your outdoor space with a built-in awning with LED Lighting.

The Interior

Like any RV, this backpack camper comes with the latest in amenities, features, and storage capabilities. It will truly feel like a home away from home… just one that’s on the bed of your truck.


Since bathrooms are in high demand as a feature for RVs, this backpack camper comes with a bathroom and has all the fixings. It’s a decently sized bathroom with ducted heat and a skylight. It comes with a mirrored medicine cabinet for all your toiletries and a towel rod to hang your fuzzy towels on. It also comes with a foot-pedal toilet and a handheld showerhead.


Wondering where you’ll sleep? The answer is: in the cab-over. This portion of the backpack camper is the part that sits atop your truck cabin, hence the name. It has a queen-sized mattress and a privacy curtain. It also features a wardrobe/closet for all of your clothes and belongings.


This backpack camper wouldn’t be complete without a place to cook and eat. The dinette features 2 swivel chairs and a table for your meals. It also has an overhead cabinet bunk for storage or other uses, as well as a pantry with adjustable shelves for all your snacks and provisions. 

The kitchen has everything you need: a refrigerator, a sink, silverware organizer, a stainless 3-burner oven, and a stainless steel microwave oven. Not bad for a backpack camper!

Are Backpack Campers Right for You?

There are limitless things you can do with a backpack camper. There’s so much you can do and so many places to go when you aren’t tethered to a 3,000+ pound trailer. Whether backpack campers are the right choice for you is your decision, but it’s clear to see that campers like the Lance 960 come equipped with everything you need to take your life out on the open road. The only other thing you need is a good, strong truck.