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Why Fall Is The Best Time To Go Camping In The US

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Pandemic-weary Americans flocked to the nation’s campgrounds in record numbers during the summer. And while COVID-19 and its deadly variants can make predicting future recreation activity somewhat of a guessing game, recreation officials expect the camping surge to continue.

This is likely a safe prediction because, for Americans anxious to set pandemic worries aside and hungry for some outside activity, camping is a very COVID-19-friendly pursuit.

“The camping and visitation numbers have been strong this year,” notes Shane Bertsch. He is district park supervisor for the Lewis & Clark Recreation Area near Yankton, South Dakota, a sprawling public use area on the north shore of the Missouri River and one popular with both tent and RV campers.

“The word from national tourism is that camping and visiting parks will continue to be really popular for the next five years,” he adds.

That’s good news for the camping industry but there is no reason to wait until next summer.

If you hate heat and mosquitos, had a hard time reserving a campsite, or couldn’t quite find the time to get away this summer, don’t worry. The optimal time to go camping is actually after Labor Day.

From Maine to Minnesota, South Dakota to Arizona and beyond, the weeks following Labor Day (the unofficial end of summer) are a delightful time to pitch a tent or park your RV. Summer’s searing temperatures are cooling. Humidity is drying. Mosquitos, black flies and other buzzing and biting critters become less of a torment.

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