Top RVs for Sale 5 Ideas

Top RVs for Sale & 5 Ideas for That First Summer Trip

Summer is around the corner, and maybe it’s time to start thinking about that well-deserved vacation. RVing is a fun option to unwind after such a stressful year. There’s nothing like letting the open road help you leave all your troubles behind. You can go solo, with family, friends, or even just your pets. Either way, you’re bound to have the adventure of a lifetime!

Keep reading to learn about the types of RVs for sale and get some ideas for your first RV trip of the summer.

Why Hit the Road in an RV?

RVing has always been a popular activity. Nowadays, it’s even gaining notoriety among the younger generations. Living on the road for a while is just the cool thing to do, and believe us, it’s worth all the hype. Here are the top benefits of hitting the road on an RV vacation:

RVing Is More Affordable

Unless you pick an extremely luxurious model, renting a nice RV only costs between $55 and $125 per day. That’s a lot cheaper than round trip airfare for a family. Besides, you also get to save on accommodations and restaurant meals. The only other expense you might have is an RV park fee, which typically runs between $35 and $50 a night, full-service included.


RVing Is Flexible

When you fly, you have no other choice but to go from point “A” to point “B.” But do you know how many gems you can find across America when traveling by land? The U.S. has an endless variety of museums, attractions, national parks, and charming little towns scattered all over the country, and RVing gives you enough flexibility to visit them all. Besides, you get to make your own schedules!

RVing Has No Luggage Restrictions

If you struggle to pack light more often than you’d like to admit, RVing is an excellent solution for you. You can bring your favorite books, appliances, clothes, accessories, camping and sports equipment, games, and snacks — you name it!

You can pack more or less all of your must-have home essentials as long as they’re not a safety hazard. Forget about extra fees, TSA limitations, and any other annoyances that come with air travel.

The Best RV Sales for Your Summer Road Trip

If you’re ready to hit the road, all you’ve got to do now is take the next step and get your own RV. Picking the right one for you and your family is the key to having a smooth trip with minimal nuisances. If you’re not ready for the commitment, you can always rent an RV to test the waters. But if you’re ready to go all-in, here are the top RVs for sale that Travelcamp has for you:

2021 Gulfstream Amerilite 268BH GSAM44199

This ultra-light travel trailer offers maybe the best mix of comfort and convenience of any RV for sale. It sleeps up to nine people and gives everyone their own space while traveling. It comes with an electric fireplace, a stainless steel gas oven, and an outdoor kitchen to make your family trip that much more memorable.

·   Rating: Excellent

·   Type: Travel Trailer

·   Weight: 5,429 lbs

·   Length: 30′

·   Price: $25,477

2021 Thor Chateau 28Z

One of the more luxurious RVs for sale, this type C camper sleeps up to eight people and has many modern amenities to make your next summer trip a lot more comfortable. It comes with a USB charging station for your electronics, and for those kids who can’t (or don’t want to) unplug themselves completely.

·   Rating: Excellent

·   Type: Type C

·   Weight: 8,000 lbs

·   Length: 29′

·   Price: $93,477

2021 Sunset Park RV Traveler Micro 109 TCTV03141

If you’re looking for an RV that will make your solo adventures memorable, this compact travel trailer is the one for you. Keep in mind that is one of the smaller RVs for sale, sleeping a maximum of two people comfortably.

The Sunset Park RV Traveler Micro 109 comes in a variety of colors and includes a jackknife sofa, A/C, a TV, and a rear door complete kitchenette.

·   Rating: Excellent

·   Type: Travel Trailer

·   Weight: 1,640 lbs

·   Length: 18′

·   Price: $15,977

Top 2021 RV Summer Trip Ideas

There are so many exciting destinations to visit while RVing across America. If you need some travel inspiration, check out the following ideas for an unforgettable summer vacation.

Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons

These two famous national parks are within miles of each other. That’s why it’s always best to visit them at the same time. They both offer otherworldly landscapes and diverse scenery. Enjoy the beautiful contrast between Yellowstone’s gorgeous hot springs and the breathtaking mountainous topography of the Grand Tetons.

Acadia National Park

New England has so many amazing natural views to offer.  Acadia National Park is one of the most beautiful areas. It’s home to the highest rocky cliffs along the Atlantic coastline, with dozens of historic motor roads and several miles of hiking trails.

Make sure to visit this rock-strewn wonder before the winter. The weather in Maine can be pretty intense from early December to late March.

Arizona’s Many Ghost Towns

If you’re into charming abandoned settlements, a road trip across the Grand Canyon state might just be your cup of tea. Visit the many old mining towns and get a taste of the wild, wild west. Some of the most notorious destinations in AZ are:

·   Hackberry

·   Goldfield

·   Jerome

·   Swansea

You can easily find an RV park around each destination or give boondocking a shot. Just be sure to follow all the local RV parking rules to stay out of trouble and avoid potential hiccups during your trip.


Driving all the way up to Alaska might sound like a lot. But it’s the ultimate RVing escapade if you’ve got some time to spare. You’ll see unbelievable sights in each state you cross along the way. Plus, you’ll get to drive through beautiful Canadian landscapes in British Columbia and the Yukon. Such an exciting road trip might just be the adventure of a lifetime.

Hit the Road in Comfort and Style

If you decide to go on an RVing adventure with friends and family, you’re in for a fun time. Finding the right RV for sale means you’ll get to spend loads of quality time with your loved ones while you explore the most exciting places in the U.S. There are even special campgrounds for groups that offer many amenities like pools, bonfires, and playgrounds.

Hit the road in your RV. You and your friends and family will be soon asking, “Hotels, who?”