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Top-Rated RVs For Sale To Get Your Travel Wheels Turning

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Recreational vehicles (RVs) capture the imagination of all types of travelers, redefining the value of the journey.

By eliminating costs like flights and pricey hotels, RV travel is as budget-friendly as it gets. But its benefits go beyond the price tag, offering:

·   Total travel flexibility, so you can change your plans on a whim

·   The comforts of home, from customizable amenities to space to store any essentials

·   A design that encourages quality — but comfortable — family time in transit

·   A good investment with sustainable financing options

The RV market’s upward growth makes this appeal clear. According to the RV Industry Association, sales across the country have been surging year-over-year — even before RVing became the ideal socially-distant travel choice in 2020.

But with today’s record demand, buyers also have more choice than ever. While options appear endless, finding your dream mobile home doesn’t have to be complicated. The adventure all starts with finding the right RV to fit your vision.

What to Consider When Buying an RV

Today’s RV models are organized into three classes based on size and functionality:

·   Class A: the largest motorhomes with luxury-level amenities and custom design options

·   Class B: camper vans that excel in maneuverability and convenience

·   Class C: mid-size RVs that maximize available space and feature options like vehicle tow and homelike comforts

Each class has its distinct benefits — with options that cater to individual itineraries, lifestyles, and travel goals. The best option for you depends on your budget, preference for luxury, and logistics, such as accommodation needs.

When buying an RV, it’s also important to consider how you intend to travel. For example, many national park campsites have parking size restrictions — about 35 feet or less. You should also think about what’s most essential for your day-to-day comfort, whether that means amenities like appliances, more options for multi-purpose spaces, or navigation ease.

It all comes down to matching the right model to the RVing lifestyle you want. To get you started, check out these Travelcamp RVs top-rated among buyers, broken down by class and what makes them popular among mobile lifestylists.

Top-Rated Class A RVs for Sale

With spacious interiors, plenty of storage, and high-powered engines, Class A RVs offer almost any home amenity while on-the-road — and a smooth ride to boot.

In general, Type A motorhomes:

·   Are between 21 and 40 feet long

·   Cost from $60,000 to $500,000

·   Sleep up to six people

2021 Thor Vegas 24.1

This 26-footer is as stylish as it gets — but has the power to withstand your wildest adventures. Whether you’re cruising coastal highways or traversing mountain passes, its size makes it easy to drive and ensures total comfort at your destination.

This model comes with the choice of beautiful interior design options, along with a comprehensive set of amenities, including:

·   Power patio awnings with LED lighting

·   40 to 70 cubic feet of exterior storage

·   Residential style furniture, a full bathroom, and kitchen

·   LED TVs, built-in wifi, and a smart “home” control center right on your phone

2017 Forest River Georgetown XL 369 DSXL

At 38 feet, this on-the-road residence sleeps up to eight people. It also has two slides to increase the available living space for whenever — or however — you need it.

This RV brings all the comforts of home to your trip, from its:

·   Outdoor entertainment system

·   One and a half bathrooms and outdoor shower

·   Air conditioning, washer/dryer connections, and fireplace

·   Three burner range and oven and in-fridge ice maker

Top-Rated Class B RVs for Sale

These compact camper vans are built for adventure. They’re as easy to drive as a standard family van, but they’re designed to take you wherever the road leads, paved or not. These vans’ smaller stature also improves gas mileage, handling, and navigation, while providing enough versatility to accommodate your on-the-go needs.

Type B camper vans usually:

·   Range between 16 and 22 feet

·   Cost around $60,000 to $130,000

·   Can accommodate up to four people

2018 Coachmen Crossfit 22D

Small but mighty, this motorhome comfortably seats six people and sleeps two. Its design prioritizes versatility with features like removable tables and dual-facing sofas that combine into a Queen-size bed.

There’s also:

·   A wet bath and galley kitchen

·   A 19-inch LED TV

·   An armless awning with LED lighting and wind sensors

·   USB charging ports powered by a gas generator and 100-watt solar panel

2021 Thor Gemini 23TW

With its modern furnishings and space-extending features, this RV tests the limits of what a Class B option can offer. Its flip-up Queen bed, full-wall slide, and storage compartments maximize its total area — while bringing a homelike experience with:

·   A full bathroom and shower

·   Two TVs and a power patio awning

·   Microwave, gas stovetop, fridge, and stainless-steel sink

·   Wifi capability

Top-Rated Class C RVs for Sale

Striking a happy medium between comfort and functionality, Class C RVs offer a natural driving experience with size options suitable to a wider range of itineraries. There are also plenty of floorplans and amenities available to customize — not compromise on — your RV’s design.

With type C motorhomes, you can expect:

·   Options from 21 to 35 feet

·   To budget between $43,000 and $200,000

·   Sleeping space for up to 8 people

2021 Gulfstream Conquest 6237LE

This Class C motorhome is where comfort meets function. There’s sleeping space for up to six people, basement storage space, and multiple floorplans available to suit your needs.

Perfect for any family or group, travel in style with:

·   A galley kitchen with stainless steel appliances

·   A 4.0 kW generator

·   A full bathroom and booth dinette

·   Even more storage with the interior wardrobe and overhead cabinets

2021 Thor Chateau 31EV

Boasting a powerful engine and sleek design, this motorhome makes your travels as easy as they are entertaining. The model’s floorplans are adaptable as well, whether you’re looking for bunk beds, an in-unit washer and dryer connection, or choice of seating options.

At more than 32 feet long, there’s also:

·   Options to sleep up to nine people

·   A double-door fridge, three stovetop burners, and plenty of counter space

·   A powered awning with integrated lighting

·   A swivel TV and wifi connection

How to Buy an RV

When you land on your dream RV choice, nothing should stop you from hitting the road as soon as possible. Financing your RV bridges this gap to transform your travel itinerary into action. But its benefits go beyond the value of predictable monthly payments.

Financing your mobile home:

·   Maintains your personal financial flexibility

·   May qualify you for tax benefits

·   Allows for repayment schedules in line with your budget

·   Gives you more freedom to add customized parts and accessories

With financing options, you can also benefit from the security of National RV Care’s Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) in your agreement. This protection reduces or waives your loan burden in the event of a total loss, with coverage based on your policy’s terms.

Try out Travelcamp RVs payment calculator to estimate your financing plan or reach out for a chat with our expert team. We’ll help you narrow down which mobile home will stand up to your travels and set you up to hit the road in no time.