The New Portable Office – An RV

RV, travel trailer and camper van manufacturers are refocusing their designs to cater to customers looking for mobile office space.

The rise in remote work prompted by the pandemic, combined with cabin fever caused by stay-at-home orders, has led many people to take up a “work from anywhere” lifestyle that they never had considered before.

Stanford research revealed that 42 percent of U.S. workers are now working full time from their homes, and that number might continue growing. Along with concerns about flying, the homebound workforce is part of the reason that the RV market has seen skyrocketing demand in recent months.

Just as internet connectivity and workspace availability have become expected of hotels and resorts, consumers now seek the same infrastructure in an RV. Makers such as Bowlus Road Chief and Leisure Travel Vans already are offering remote work-friendly floor plans, while others have changes in the works.

Dean Corrigal of Leisure Travel Vans said that between 30 and 40 percent of the e-mails his company is receiving come from customers inquiring specifically about the vans’ mobile office capabilities.

“I think it’s a huge growing segment,” he said.

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