The Expert Guide to Palomino RVs

Phew! You’ve searched for hours on end over the last couple of weeks for recreational vehicle brands you can trust to bring your upcoming adventures to the next level — and you’ve continually come across Palomino RVs. A quality brand that has been a leader in value in the industry for over five decades, they’ve no doubt got something to fit the way you travel.

As you continue to research exactly which Palomino will fit your needs and values best, use this expert’s guide to make the process even easier.

Why Palomino RVs?

With a goal of providing the best value in the marketplace since its beginnings in 1968, Palomino aims to have a wide range of RV models to fit every style of traveler. Their RVs sport:

  • Quality: Located in the heart of Southern Michigan, Palomino RV’s craftsmanship and work ethic combine to produce high-caliber RVs you can trust.
  • Innovation: Feeling like you’re at home when you’re on wheels takes creative engineering — and Palomino RVs deliver on both function and elegance to exceed your expectations.
  • Value: Because Palomino RV is a division of Forest River, Inc., a large sales volume means top materials and appliances for a lower cost, making the return on your investment substantial.

Palomino stands behind their RVs like none other in the industry, offering complimentary roadside assistance programs and around-the-clock service to give you confidence when you are behind the wheel. 

What You Need to Know About the Best Palomino RVs

Even if you’re sold on Palomino RVs, you’ve still got to select which one is best for you and the way you adventure. Travelcamp has a great variety to choose from because we aim to honor all different kinds of travelers that love to enjoy life on wheels. 


Perhaps the brand’s most versatile popular RV, this Palomino travel trailer has options and add-ons that can transform it into a lightweight yet luxurious home for six to eight.

  • The Solaire 294DBHS can come equipped with the optional Northern package, which comes with a thermo-foil barrier in the floor and slideouts to keep you warm even in the colder months. 
  • The Solaire 208SS is about 24 feet long, but you can maximize your sleeping space with an optional pullout sofa. 

Columbus and Columbus River Ranch 

If you’ve got a large truck and want to get to your destination with ease, the upgrades available on the Palomino fifth-wheel Columbus models should be helpful.

  • The Columbus 299RLC has an add-on Compass package, which includes a hydraulic leveling system, a Go Power solar prep system, and two 15,000 BTU Coleman Serenity A/C units, so you’ll feel powerful and comfortable during your ride. 
  • The Columbus River Ranch 392MB includes the Ranch package, which features power theater seating, a 60″ by 30″ Signature Spa walk-in shower, and a deep-bowl stainless steel kitchen sink, making the inside of your Palomino the epitome of luxury.


When you love living large but need to travel a bit smaller with a travel trailer, choosing the best of the Palomino RVs for you is key, and it just might be the Palomini.

  • The Palomini 189BHS‘s optional Badlands package has a solar panel and roof ladder so you can recharge your RV under the sun or recharge yourself under the stars. 
  • The Palomini 186RBS is invalubale if you love going to secret spots. The Off-Road package will be perfect, as it comes with a lift kit, 28″ mudder tires, and flared fenders. 


For those that like taking solo trips to clear your head or couple’s trips to get closer, this truck camper is the perfect one of the Palomino RVs to make you look forward to any of your more intimate travels. 

  • The Backpack SS550 allows you to customize your own add-on package, offering air conditioning, solar paneling, and electric jacks to keep you comfortable and always ready to go at a moment’s notice.
  • The Backpack 2902 also offers a version of the Badlands package, this one including a Thule roof rack and a second battery tray — so you can travel with your outdoor equipment safely and make sure it’s ready to be used whenever adventure calls.

It doesn’t matter what kind of traveler you are or want to become — there is definitely a Palomino out there for you. Travelcamp RV believes in the quality and care put into all Palomino RVs, so we offer a wide selection you can browse easily from the comfort of your couch

With our commitment to trustworthy customer service and meeting your highest level of satisfaction, we aim to help your family — no matter how big it is — create more great memories.