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The Best Places to Camp and Celebrate Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is that wonderful time of year when we all gather with friends and family to
celebrate the important things in life. Of course, where you celebrate is just as important as how.
Why not spend this Thanksgiving in the great outdoors like that first Thanksgiving all those
years ago? You’ll be at one with nature and experience all the beauty that it has to offer you.
There’s just one thing left to think about: Where should you go?
Let’s explore some of the best RV destinations you should check out this Thanksgiving, a time
when you could be surrounded by vibrant fall foliage and the people that you love the most.

  1. Chattanooga, Tennessee

To start off our list of Thanksgiving destinations, let’s make our way to Chattanooga, Tennessee.
This is a beautiful place to visit no matter the time of year, but the fall foliage is what really
attracts travelers from all corners of the country. There’s plenty to do and see here in Chattanooga
during the fall, such as hiking Lookout Mountain, riding the Incline Railway, and checking out
the Racoon Mountain Caverns. There is no shortage of campgrounds for your RV, so just be sure
to get there in time to get the best spot for your Thanksgiving celebrations.

2. Asheville, North Carolina

Fall beauty is on full display when you come to Asheville, North Carolina. Here, you can explore
the ruggedness of the rolling mountains while also being close enough to wonderful Asheville
when you’re craving a day in the city. You’ll experience incredible views, state parks, hiking,
camping, and just being together at one of the best times of the year. There’s something for
everyone, and you have your pick of places to stay, as there are plenty of campgrounds where
you can park your RV, surrounded by the changing leaves and crisp air.

3. Greenville, South Carolina

Just 6 miles from downtown Greenville is the beautiful Paris Mountain State Park. This park
features over 15 miles of amazing hiking and biking trails. Paris Mountain stands alone and
looks all the more beautiful when covered in fall foliage. A Thanksgiving spent here will leave
you with no shortage of activities to take part in, such as hiking, climbing, swimming, paddling,
and fishing. You can even rent kayaks and paddle boats on the weekends.

4. Tishomingo, Mississippi

Next time you’re in Tishomingo, Mississippi in the fall, check out Tishomingo State Park.
There’s no better place in Mississippi to see fall foliage. This park is known for its beauty, and
it’s most beautiful in the fall. There’s plenty to see here, like the incredible rock formations,
fern-filled crevices, and waterfalls. It’s an impressive natural wonder that would make the perfect
backdrop to your Thanksgiving this year.

5. Hollandale, Mississippi

Once again in Mississippi, let’s check out Leroy State Park, which is located in Hollandale. This
is Mississippi’s oldest state park, and it’s known for its beautiful springs, tall cypress trees, and
wondrous ancient oaks. It’s truly a sight to behold during the fall, when the vibrant colors of the
leaves are reflected in the waters, creating a mirrored masterpiece for all to see. It’s a great place
to be for Thanksgiving, a spot where you can fish during the day and settle around the campfire
at night.

6. Mountain City, Georgia

Not too far from Mountain City is Georgia’s highest state park. It features some of the most
outstanding scenery in the Blue Ridge Mountains and is one of the best places in Georgia to
witness the beauty of fall foliage. There are over 40 different camping sites in the park where
you can take your RV, as well as plenty of activities to take part in. You can enjoy hiking, fishing,
geocaching, picnicking, and more.

7. Fort Payne, Alabama

Last on our list of incredible RV destinations is Desoto State Park. This park is located atop
beautiful Lookout Mountain in northeast Alabama. It has incredible rushing waterfalls, as well as
vibrant wildflowers. In autumn, the trails are littered with lovely fall foliage that will just take
your breath away. The park is only eight miles from Fort Payne and is full of fun and wonders
for the whole family.

There are plenty of Thanksgiving destinations out there that you can explore and which will
leave you breathless. So, this Thanksgiving, trade a stuffy dining room for sweeping views of
colorful trees!