RV Owner Demographics: An Overview Of The Escapist RVer

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Go RVing RV Owner Demographic Profile is the most comprehensive study of RV ownership ever conducted, providing deep insights and perspectives on the demographics and ownership habits of RV Owners, Former RV Owners, and RV Intenders. The study identified seven distinct clusters based on RV owners’ unique motivations, needs, and habits.

The “Escapists” cluster comprises 16% of RV owners. They enjoy the freedom that RV travel provides and particularly enjoy water-based activities and scenic locations. This is reflected in the Escapists’ reasons for RVing, which include relaxing, exploring the great outdoors, and visiting a location with natural beauty. Additional reasons include saving money on travel costs and controlling their own itineraries.

When they’re on the road, Escapists commonly enjoy fishing, hiking, and boating. Regarding accommodations, 63% choose to stay at state parks, while 56% prefer to stay at a private campground and 44% stay at a national park campground.

The majority of Escapists hit the road in an RV during the summer months (90%) or during fall (73%). Their RVs are used anywhere from 31 to 90 days out of the year, and the types most frequently used among this group are a conventional travel trailer, a fifth-wheel trailer, or a Class A motorhome. 68% bought their RV new, and 75% who already have an RV plan to purchase another one.

It should be mentioned that Escapists have two categories: Family Vacation and Second Honeymoon. Family Vacationers usually have children and emphasize family bonding and educational opportunities. On the other hand, Second Honeymooners often do not have children at home and travel in their RV as a pair, looking to set their own itineraries and seeking a respite from the daily hustle and bustle.

In terms of demographics, 54% of Escapists are over 55, and 50% are male and 50% are female. 40% of Escapists are employed fulltime while 40% are retired. Of those who do work, 60% make over $65,000. 31% of Escapists live with no children in the home.

There are two remaining clusters that we will be exploring in the coming weeks. Check out our overview of the clusters here.

Members of the RV Industry Association can view the full study here.

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