Proposed Tesla Cybertruck Pop-Up Camper Receives $60 Million In Orders

The Tesla Cybertruck is still months away from production, but one startup has already built what could be a multimillion-dollar business on the back of one. Literally.

The Cyberlandr is a pop-up camper designed to fit perfectly within the angled bedsides of the Cybertruck and provide a full living experience.

It has a sink, induction cooktop, dry-flush toilet, shower, TV and two chairs that can be configured into a raised queen size bed with room underneath for two children.

The Cyberlandr is the brainchild of Lance King, a Tesla Model 3 owner with a Cybertruck on order who owns an AI-enhanced video analytics outfit called Stream It. The company makes software products that can monitor video from mass transit vehicles and spaces and do a variety of things with the data, including count customers, verify employee identities and identify weapons.

It doesn’t make anything like the Cyberlandr, but King has brought on a team of engineers to help develop the idea and is working with Munro and Associates, a manufacturing design firm run by Sandy Munro, who has recently become famous for tearing down and analyzing Teslas on YouTube.

A physical prototype hasn’t been built yet, but King says the telescoping structure will be made of a composite material. He also envisions it being equipped with solar panels, a 360-degree motion-sensing security system, smart appliances and connected technologies controlled by voice commands…

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