Planning A Summer RV Trip

The heat may be intensifying, but if you ask us, there’s still plenty of time to enjoy the great outdoors in your RV. Hitting the road with your family can be a great way to create new experiences and set the bar a little higher for next year. But if this is your first year, then you might be at a loss as to how to start planning your trip. Let Travelcamp help you get started with some basic tips for planning the best RV trip. If your trip still needs the RV, then stop by one of our locations in Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida, near Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville, Beach, Daytona Beach, and St. Augustine.

Choose Your Destination

A great place to start is to figure out where you’re going. Florida is tucked away in one of the far corners of the country, which means there’s so much more to discover. Whether you’re traveling around the state itself or trekking to the Eastern Seaboard, the Great Plains, the Rockies, or the West Coast, having a set destination can help guide a number of other decisions you’ll want to make.

Plan Your Route

One such decision is how you’re going to get to your destination. GPS devices can be helpful, but on a long trip to a place you haven’t been before, it can be helpful to have an idea of where you’re going before you hit the road. This can also help you choose routes you’ll be most comfortable driving on. One of the biggest challenges of owning an RV is figuring out how to get it from point A to point B. There’s a lot of extra weight to haul and some of the windier roads may not suit your fancy. There are even some routes that won’t allow RVs. This is why figuring out how you’re going to get to your destination is so important.

After that, you’ll want to figure out how long it’s going to take you to get there and where you’ll be stopping overnight. During peak camping seasons, many RV parks will be filled to the brim. You might not be able to find something at the last minute, so reserving a campsite as early as you can keep you from a nail biting situation.

As a bonus, you can use the information you gather to search for fun things to do along your route. Coordinate a planned stop with an entertaining attractions or iconic landmark. This can help make the trip more interesting and keep your family from going stir crazy on a long trip.

Compile Your Packing List

This one in particular can be a little intimidating to first time travelers. After all, even if you have general traveling experience, that’s nothing compared to RV traveling. There’s a lot more to pack and consider when you’re essentially transporting a small home. Some things you’ll just learn over time as you try out varying packing lists and prioritize different supplies. To get you started, consider taking note of the supplies you use during daily activities. This should including cleaning supplies, cooking utensils, and linens. Your list will probably have a lot of supplies you won’t end up needing, but it’s easy to start crossing things off. Not so easy to brainstorm them out of thin air. If you’re still having trouble, use your smartphone to download an RV app. These can come with a lot of great features, including blank and pregenerated packing lists.

Another prep area you won’t want to forget is making sure your RV is ready for a long trip. Whether it’s routine maintenance or a major repair that needs to be taken care of before you leave town, Travelcamp has a dedicated service team ready to help you with all your RV-related needs. Stop by today and see what we can do for you. We proudly serve Jacksonville, Orange Park, Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Daytona Beach, and St. Augustine, FL.