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Our Florida RV Dealerships Pre-Trip Checklist: What to Pack

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Any vacation requires a fair amount of planning and prevision. However, when you’re on the road for months on end, you need to make extra sure you have all the essentials with you if you want to avoid unnecessary stops.

Just imagine this. You’re already several miles into your trip, using your phone’s GPS to find your way when you run out of battery. You reach into your bag confidently looking for your charger, and surprise, surprise! You realize you forgot it at home. What an absolute nightmare! Now you have to find a place to buy a spare one, which isn’t only a waste of money, but it also takes away time you could use to do something way more interesting.

Does this sound like something that could happen to you? Don’t worry. We’ve all been there — stuck miles away from home without the one thing we need the most. That’s why it’s vital to write a list and make sure to check all the boxes before you leave. That way, you can be a happy camper during your highly anticipated trip.‌

Pre-Check List: What to Pack for a Smooth RV Trip

Planning ahead is the cornerstone of an RV trip, with fewer hiccups along the way. It will save you time and spare you any unnecessary headaches when all you’re trying to do is enjoy yourself and relax.

Travelcamp’s Florida RV dealership recommends printing out an RVing checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything before leaving on vacation. If you need a bit of inspiration, make sure to at least pack the elements below:

Don’t Forget Your Basic Documents

IDs and other crucial documents are often overlooked when packing for a lengthy vacation. Yet, you want to have all your papers in order in case you might need them. After all, you know what they say: “It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

Think of every possible scenario and what you would need to get out of trouble. Don’t forget to have some physical and digital copies handy in case you misplace your originals. Pack your:

·   Vehicle registration

·   Roadside assistance information

·   Driver’s license

·   RV manual

·   Campground reservations

·   Attraction reservations

·   RV maintenance history

·   Medical information

·   Insurance details

·   Scheduling details

·   Tickets for events

Pack Your Phone and Other Necessary Electronics

You might want to stick to the essentials when packing electronics for a camping trip, even when you’re traveling on an RV. However, if you need to work while on vacation or your kids are tagging along and need some extra entertainment options, make sure to bring your:

·   Laptop

·   Tablet

·   Videogame console

·   Headphones

·   E-reader

·   Movie projector

·   Portable stereo

·   Speakers

Additionally, always come prepared by bringing extra:

·   Adapters

·   Chargers

·   Extension cords

And make sure you pack some spare fuses and a:

·   Digital voltmeter

·   Digital line monitor

·   Surge protector

Bring Some Emergency Lighting

If you’re staying out in nature, it can get pretty dark at night. You’ll need to always have backup lighting in case your bonfire plan does not work as intended. You should always have the following elements handy in case of emergency:

·   A flashlight

·   Lanterns

·   Headlamps

Don’t forget to pack some extra batteries and chargers as well. You could also resort to a power generator or get your energy from a solar panel system. Make sure to bring enough replacement parts and anything else you might need to stay all juiced up.

Never Underestimate the Power of an RV Toolbox

You never know what might happen on the road. That’s why you always need to be prepared and have a roadside safety kit and a toolbox handy. You might regret overlooking these road trip essentials should you need to play mechanic and give some quick maintenance to your RV. Make sure you’re always ready with:

·   A hammer

·   A screwdriver

·   Duct tape

·   Jumper cables

·   A tire pressure gauge

·   Leveling blocks

·   Wheel chocks

·   Roof patches

·   Sealant

·   Motor oil

·   Transmission fluid

Bring a Little Water and Then Some More

Make sure to bring along enough safe drinking water for the trip. You can purchase bottled water cases as long as you distribute the weight evenly across your RV. HOWEVER — and this is a massive “however” — don’t travel with a full freshwater tank unless you’re sure you won’t have access to it otherwise. After all, adding an extra 334 pounds to your RVs weight might be a safety hazard. It’s best if you pack:

·   Water filters

·   A freshwater hose

·   A water pressure regulator

·   Purifying powder

Bring Along Your RV Bathroom Essentials

As you may know, your RV’s toilet doesn’t work quite like your bathroom at home. You need specific products to keep it clean and functioning correctly. You don’t want to spend weeks traveling with horrible odors you can’t escape. That’s why you need to ensure you have:

·   Blackwater tank chemicals

·   A sewer hose

·   Sewer hose attachments

·   Sanitation gloves

·   Water

·   Toilet deodorant

·   Disposable cleaning wipes

·   RV shower head

Don’t Leave Your Toiletries Behind

Living on the road doesn’t mean you need to embrace your body odors, especially when traveling with company. Make sure to bring all your hygiene essentials. Make sure you pack:

·   Moisturizer

·   Shaving cream

·   Razors

·   Shower gel

·   Makeup

·   Makeup remover

·   Feminine-hygiene products

·   Nail clippers

·   Tweezers

·   Hand sanitizer

·   Toothbrushes

·   Toothpaste

·   Dental Floss

·   Soap

·   Deodorant

·   Shampoo

·   Conditioner

·   Hairbrush

·   Sunscreen

Keep Yourself and Your Loved Ones Healthy

Nobody expects to get hurt while on vacation, but it’s best to be prepared. Bring along a comprehensive first-aid kit that has all the basics, including:

·   Antibiotic ointment

·   Burn ointment

·   Insect bite treatment

·   Gauze

·   Bandages

·   Thermometer

Don’t forget to pack your go-to:

·   Pain relievers

·   Fever reducers

·   Anti-nausea medication

·   Diarrhea medication

·   Antacid

·   Cough syrup

·   Antihistamines

·   Eye drops

·   Vitamins

·   Prescription meds

·   Aloe vera gel

·   Insect repellent

Pack for All Weathers

Since RVing means changing locations pretty often, you must always be ready for sudden weather changes. That’s why you need to pack for every scenario. You don’t want to bring clothes that will leave you too warm or too cold. Dressing comfortably and appropriately will spare you many headaches. Pack for:

‌Wet Weather

·   Rain boots

·   Raincoats

·   Umbrellas

·   Socks

Cold Weather

·   Winter jacket

·   Thermal underwear

·   Hats

·   Gloves

·   Stockings

·   Sweaters

·   Earmuffs

‌Warm Weather

·   Light clothes

·   Ha‌t

·   Parasol

·   Bathing suits

·   Sandals

·   Sunglasses

Bring Along Cozy Linens and Towels

You’ll have to sleep at some point. While it’s true you could use a good ole’ sleeping bag throughout the trip, you might want to cozy up and make proper bedding arrangements in your RV. Don’t forget to pack:

·   Sheets

·   Comforters

·   Pillows

·   Pillowcases

·   Blankets

In addition, make sure to gear everyone up with their own shower towel. Remember to pack up some hand and face towels and some spares in case you get wet on a rainy day. ‌

Get Ready for Adventure!

Packing for every scenario will ensure you have a smooth trip. Make your own RV trip checklist, and don’t forget to include the elements above. You’ll also want to get your RV serviced, stop your mail, make arrangements for your pets and plants, and foresee any possible scenario that might need your attention while you’re away. If you follow this handy guide to the letter, you’ll have the stress-free vacation you’ve been dreaming of![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]