No More Guessing: This Website Gives Video Tours of Campgrounds and Campsites

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Always wondering what a campground site will look like before you show up? Traveling somewhere new and don’t know where to camp? Hoping to nab the best spot? This website offers virtual tours of campgrounds across the country so you can see for yourself where you’ll be setting up camp.

Founded in 2017, calls itself the “best online directory of RV Parks and Campgrounds.” That’s a big title to live up to.

Though, its virtual tour feature could be the tool we’ve all been waiting for. And just in time for summer, the site is adding a few new tours.

Campground Views Virtual Tours

Currently, the site has a directory of over 15,000 parks and campgrounds in all 50 states, although only about 300 of those have virtual tours uploaded so far. We’ve tested the directory and mapping feature, and find this site runs pretty well. However, to find even more sites, you’ll want to put in a location (city, state).

Recognizing the big spike in RV and camping participation since the pandemic, CampgroundViews is adding more to its unique “virtual tour” feature. The site will be adding a couple hundred more parks in Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and Nevada over the next few weeks.

Why video tours? Well, for one, you can see what the site actually looks like. But you can also see how close your neighbors are, if there’s a view, if the site is level, if your rig or trailer will fit, and more.

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