How to Reduce Highway Noise in Your RV

How to Reduce Highway Noise in Your RV


How To Prevent Outside Noise From Entering Your RV

There are those persistent sounds you can live with, and then there are those that keep you up all night.  Before highway noise drives you crazy or sleepless, here are some very simple ways you can create a barrier between you and the noise.

Search Campground Reviews

The first step you can take to keep noise at a minimum is to prepare.  Do some research on the area and campground before you go. Check RV LIFE Campground Reviews to learn more about where you’ll be camping. Just type in the name of the campground you are interested in (or area).

You can scroll to the bottom of any RV campground page and there will be RVer comments.  Look for any that have details about noise.  Take one comment with caution, but if several comments consistently report noise, there may be cause for concern.


If noise is usually an issue for you in your RV, consider soundproofing.  Anywhere that air can get in, noise can get in as well.

There are a lot of options.  You can either install things that are sound reducing or sound absorbing.  Some may seem like small fixes, but when you combine these two sound options together, you can create a good noise barrier.  Windows and doors can be the number one area for letting noise in, so try some of these methods:

Sound absorption

Inside your RV is where you will want to take advantage of sound absorption.  Using acoustic tile inside is useful too.  But think of all the furnishings you have, and think of them as opportunities to absorb sound.  The harder the surface, the more it will help contribute to noise.  The softer and thicker the material, the more it will absorb sounds.

Here are some household items that can help (consider softer, thicker items for less noise):

  • Hanging bathroom towels or kitchen towels
  • Area rugs throughout the RV
  • Hanging plant baskets (out of soft basket weave)
  • Blankets, throws, and pillows
  • Large draperies or shades
  • Decorative cloth wall hangings
  • Cushions on chairs and couches

Sound masking

You may already be in a campground spot with a lot of highway noise.  Now it’s past your walls, windows, and doors, and is bouncing around inside.  All your internal proofing is not helping.  You do have another option:  Masking the noise may help you deal with it.

Ways to mask noise

Try masking the noise if you can’t prevent it.  Some people listen to white noise machines.  White noise is a static noise that contains all the frequencies when mixed.

There are a lot of free MP3 streams for free online or you can buy a dedicated machine.  Putting on noise reduction headphones can help. Look for calming nature sounds or slow ambient music.

If all else fails, try a combination of these solutions to create an environment that is both peaceful and relaxing.

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