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Hacks To Find An RV For Sale In Florida At A Great Price

When someone buys their first car, they’re not just getting a bundle of mechanical parts. The purchase represents an earned sense of freedom and flexibility. As for their first home? This process is another major milestone in matching a lifestyle vision to a value-adding investment.

Buying an RV marries these senses of independence and domestic comfort, giving you the perks of exploring to your heart’s content in the privacy of your very own home. Getting an RV of your own takes the hassle out of travel, so you spend less time managing logistics and more time building memories with family and friends. All at your own pace.

But a mobile home is a major monetary investment. It requires a lot of discernment to ensure that an RV for sale in Florida aligns with:

·   How often you intend to use it, whether full-time or for getaways

·   Where you want to go — and who comes with you

·   Your preference for comfort, luxury, and amenities

Most of all, you want to ensure that you’re getting the best value on your investment.

RVs for Sale in Florida: How to Get the Best RV Deal

Before scooping up the first RV for sale that piques your interest, make sure you’re not missing out on better RV deals.

With new options hitting the market all the time — and demand spiking year over year — a bit of awareness, research, and motivation can land you in the mobile home of your dreams at a steal.

Monitor Red Tag Promotions

You’ve got your eye on the perfect RV. Getting it at an instant discount is a no-brainer, and that’s exactly what red tag specials offer — if you’re on the lookout.

Dealerships like Travelcamp post daily specials on top-selling RVs so savvy shoppers can grab them at a fraction of the retail price — often 30 to 40% less. By tracking these rotating red-tagged options, you can easily save thousands of dollars without compromising what you want in your mobile home.

Ask About Special Discounts

Are you in the military, serve as a firefighter, or work as a teacher? You’re likely already entitled to exclusive RV discounts.

Before sacrificing a mobile home with features you love that falls out of your price range, make sure to ask your dealer if you qualify for any service-related price reductions. At Travelcamp, we offer special rates reserved for members of the military, coast guard, and police force, as well as those in other community-facing roles like firefighters and teachers.

These discounts aim to honor those who serve their communities. Still, access to great rates should be available for all. So each month we offer 12 new Manager’s Special RV deals priced right at invoice value. Keep in touch with our team to be the first to grab these bargains — so you can hit the road without sacrificing the RV features you want.

Wait for End of Season RV Deals

Car and home markets alike move more or less consistently year-round. But motor home sales operate around a distinct high season for RV travel.

The summer months are the most popular time for RVing in the U.S. As the season comes to a close, sellers are more eager to move mobile homes before the cold weather sets in.

Weigh Your Needs Against RV Options

Choosing the right style of RV to match your needs is the first step in guaranteeing the value it returns. Towables are often a less expensive option than fully-motorized mobile homes, but they offer similar amenities to their pricier counterparts.

Aside from their attractive price point, towables like travel trailers and truck campers also:

·   Tend to hold their value longer than other RVs

·   Often offer more living space for their value

·   Perform better on gas mileage

·   Allow greater flexibility, letting you park your RV and take your vehicle out to explore

Like motorized RVs, there are tons of towable options that align with specific travel needs and goals, including:

·   Campers light enough to tow behind your family car

·   Large fifth-wheel units designed to hitch to an SUV or pickup truck

·   Toy haulers that transport motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs, and more — with separate living quarters included

·   Expandable trailers for a pop-up home on-the-go

It’s all about personalizing the vehicle that drives the memories you want to make, all while shaving off costs avoiding what you don’t need.

Consider Trade-Ins

You’ve made your list of essentials, found the exact mobile home style you want, and can already see your RV travels-in-action.

While you could wait for sales and special deals, the easiest way to start hitting the road — and still respect your budget — is to check out pre-owned options. Buyers regularly upgrade their motorhome as it becomes a greater part of their lifestyle. That means used vehicles are generally only a few years old and come with plenty of lifespan left on their odometer.

Buying a trade-in RV isn’t just budget-friendly, however. You can also benefit from:

·   The previous owner already working out common bugs and kinks under the manufacturer’s warranty

·   Upgrades, amenities, and customizations added by the seller

·   The extra cash to add on whatever features that catch your eye in newer models

Working with a reputable dealership can help limit concerns that occur when buying pre-owned RVs, because:

·   You get market-based pricing

·   Every trade-in is inspected for quality control

·   You have access to value-adding financing options

·   You can include coverage like general asset protection, roadside assistance, and maintenance warranties

·   You get support beyond the close of a sale

Shop Around

Whether buying new or pre-owned, if you’re going to get the best possible RV deal — you need to know exactly what options are out there.

Don’t pull the trigger on a purchase without comparing options among reputable sellers. You might gain access to more discounts, insight into upcoming sales, or find a more basic version you can upgrade on your own at a lower cost than full-feature showroom models.

But the same strategy goes for your choice of RV brands, so don’t tie yourself to a name. Focus on features like the floorplan, amenities, and benefits you’re after in a mobile home. Then, with this ideal in mind, compare the full range of available RVs that meet your needs to take advantage of the best price point and current brand specials.

Finance to Cut Costs

Finding the best deal is only a part of the equation. How you pay for your RV can open up even more value in your purchase.

By financing your mobile home, you get small, predictable monthly payments so you can keep your investment cash liquid — and your credit current. But your financing agreement can also protect you from unexpected costs and losses down the line.

That’s because financing terms give you access to:

·   Guaranteed asset protection in the event of a total loss

·   Motorhome and towables repair and replacement protection options

·   Warranties on specifics like tires, your windshield, and aesthetics

Give your dream a spin! Check out Travelcamp’s payment calculator to see how feasible RV ownership can be within your budget. Visit our website or one of our Florida locations to see current specials on top-selling models — and what discounts you can scoop up in the process.