The Best Places to Camp and Celebrate Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is that wonderful time of year when we all gather with friends and family to celebrate the important things in life. Of course, where you celebrate is just as important as how. Why not spend this Thanksgiving in the great outdoors like that first Thanksgiving all those years ago? You’ll be at one with […]

Can RVs Park Overnight At Rest Areas?

rest stop

Driving an RV or hauling a trailer when you are tired is dangerous. It just doesn’t make sense to keep going when your brain and body need to sleep. Highway engineers knew this when they put many rest areas on most of the major routes throughout the US and Canada. These rest stops are usually […]

RVing For History Buffs: 10 Must See Places

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When many people think about RVing they think of parking next to the lake for a weekend of fishing or heading to the mountains for hiking, but RVing is also the perfect way to get out and explore North America’s rich history. We spent four years touring the United States in our RV. Much of […]

Why You Need to Plan A Fall Road Trip

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With kids out of school and the open road calling, summer is typified as the quintessential season for an all-American road trip. It’s the time of year when families flock to iconic destinations like Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park, and Mount Rushmore. But just because school is back in session and the […]

One Tank Itinerary: Orlando

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Most people go to Orlando for vacation, and you can easily spend a week seeing the sites and experiencing the amusement park rides. But there’s plenty to do in Florida around the city as well. On this one tank trip from Orlando you’ll experience a bit of history, space exploration, plenty of time outdoors, and […]

5 Destinations with Ideal Weather Year-Round


Scandinavians have an old saying that there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. It may be true. Still, it’s no fun to tent camp in a monsoon or crash in a cabin sans AC in the middle of a heat wave. For that reason, it’s nice to know about camper-friendly destinations with a minimal […]

5 Best RV Trips in the South

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Add These Southern Destinations To Your RV Itinerary We rounded up some of the best RV trips in the South where you can experience all the wonder the lower half of the nation has to offer. The South is famous for white sandy beaches, down-home cooking, blues and jazz music, along with manners. “Yes, ma’am” […]

6 Top Cross-Country Road Trips

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For decades, piling the family into a car or RV and embarking on a cross-country journey has topped bucket lists for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. The adventure is so popular that it has been dubbed “The Great American Road Trip” — referring not to a specific route but to the country-wide love and desire […]

Discover The Best RV Campsites In The Northwest

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The Best Campsites In The Northwest, According To RVers You’ll find that features always vary on what indicates a top 10 campsite. So, in this list of the best campsites in the Northwest, RV parks were located by searching for campgrounds that have the highest star rating from RVers and also include full hookups. 1. Columbia Sun […]

What to Know Before Driving Your RV for the First Time

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Operating an RV for the first time can be easier when you prepare properly. RVs don’t drive like cars—they accelerate and brake slower, and your blind spots are much larger. That said, with practice and time, you’ll become as comfortable behind the wheel of an RV as you are in your SUV or sedan. Before […]