RV News: Back in the Game

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By: RV News Staff | Photos by Stoke Foster Salem Hassan spent two decades helping his family’s RV dealership grow. After stepping away from the industry for three years, he has returned to transform Travelcamp into a Southeast region success story. After three years away from the RV business, industry veteran Salem Hassan was looking […]

Jacksonville-Based Travelcamp Expands Southeastern Footprint With Sales and Service Facilities To Three Growth Cities

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Expansion Brings High-Quality Customer Service and Jobs JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Apr. 19, 2023 – Travelcamp is expanding to meet the demand of America’s rapidly growing southeast region. Travelcamp’s site selection of Clermont, Florida, the 2nd fastest growing city in the state, Memphis, Tennessee, and Statesville, North Carolina, are in response to each city’s projections for increased […]

Amidst rapid growth, Travelcamp makes executive hire

In response to the growth, Travelcamp has hired former Dream Finder Homes executive John Blanton as chief operating officer, putting him in charge of ramping up staffing as the company grows. Blanton spent almost a decade at the fast-growing homebuilder, serving as CFO and chief accounting officer as DFH went from $3 million in revenue […]

Small RVs You Can Tow with an SUV

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There are a lot of different kinds of RVs out there. Some you can drive like a bus, and others you can tow with your SUV or truck. Most pickup trucks on the market can tow the heaviest of RVs with ease, but not everyone has access to trucks like these. Today, we’ll be focusing […]

Tips For Overcoming A Fear Of Towing


I love helping people get started camping, especially those jumping in alone. Many people write to me expressing a desire to join in all the fun. When I ask what is stopping them, the most common reply I hear is a fear of towing. I understand and want to help put your mind at ease. […]

7 Reasons You’ll Love RV Camping In The Fall

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Summer RV camping has its merits. The warm temperatures allow us to set up camp in beautiful places near lovely beaches on oceans or lakes or in cool mountain air. It really gets everybody in the camping spirit—especially families with school-age kids. However, many RVers overlook fall as a truly amazing season for RV camping. […]

7 Activities for Cold Weather RVing

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Don’t flee the cold this year, revel in it! Park your RV in a great location for quick access to winter fun. Your home on wheels is a great way to experience fresh snowfall or to unwind with the sound of rain gently tapping against the vehicle. Roll up a pair of thick socks, toss […]

15 National Parks to Visit This Fall

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National parks are arguably America’s greatest treasures. With more than 400 national park sites in the U.S. (including territories like Guam), there’s never a wrong time to visit a national park. However, crisp temperatures and minimal traffic make for a perfect getaway, and certain parks are especially appealing during the fall months. You can experience […]

How to Pack Your RV for a Tailgate

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Once the air turns chilly and the first leaves start to color, you know tailgating season is right around the corner. If you’re the proud owner of an RV, the tailgating adventure takes on a new dimension with opportunities for pre-game entertainment from the comfort of your home on wheels. Preparation is key for the […]

Top 5 RV Storage Tips You Should Know

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5 EXPERT RV STORAGE TIPS You have experienced many camping adventures with your RV throughout the spring, summer and fall. Once winter approaches, it might be time to leave your RV for the season. Before you store it, though, you should take some preventive measures to ensure your RV is ready for the next camping […]