Amidst rapid growth, Travelcamp makes executive hire

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The embrace of recreational vehicles by younger consumers has spurred massive growth at Jacksonville-based Travelcamp, with the RV company opening new dealerships at a rapid pace. Within the past three weeks, stores in Tennessee, North Carolina and Clermont debuted, and a 16th location is scheduled to open in Fort Pierce by fall of 2023. In response […]

The Best Places to Camp and Celebrate Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is that wonderful time of year when we all gather with friends and family to celebrate the important things in life. Of course, where you celebrate is just as important as how. Why not spend this Thanksgiving in the great outdoors like that first Thanksgiving all those years ago? You’ll be at one with […]

Can RVs Park Overnight At Rest Areas?

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Driving an RV or hauling a trailer when you are tired is dangerous. It just doesn’t make sense to keep going when your brain and body need to sleep. Highway engineers knew this when they put many rest areas on most of the major routes throughout the US and Canada. These rest stops are usually […]

Road Trip Essentials

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ROAD TRIP ESSENTIALS CHECKLIST Road trips are a classic American pastime. The windows are rolled down, music is playing and your car is filled with all your favorite people. The only thing on your mind is where your next stop is going to be and the beautiful landscapes outside your window. Whether you are making […]

RVing For History Buffs: 10 Must See Places

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When many people think about RVing they think of parking next to the lake for a weekend of fishing or heading to the mountains for hiking, but RVing is also the perfect way to get out and explore North America’s rich history. We spent four years touring the United States in our RV. Much of […]

The Best Meal Planning Tips for Your Next RV Trip


You don’t need us to tell you that RVing is a great way to see the country, enjoy the outdoors, and escape your routine. By bringing along much of your daily needs, you can spend every night in a different location and undertake a new adventure every day. One of the many benefits of RV […]

Why You Need to Plan A Fall Road Trip

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With kids out of school and the open road calling, summer is typified as the quintessential season for an all-American road trip. It’s the time of year when families flock to iconic destinations like Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park, and Mount Rushmore. But just because school is back in session and the […]

Working From the Road: Best Tips & Practices

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If you are intrigued by RV life but are hesitant to start because you can’t afford to quit your job and take off just yet, then rest assured, there are thousands of RV travelers who are in your exact same predicament. Except they choose to continue to work while on the road to fund their […]

8 Ways to Transform Your RV Workspace

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Even in tight quarters you can still have a dedicated space for work or roadschooling. A professional RV renovator shows us how. Overwhelmed at the idea of setting up a workspace in your RV and looking for inspiration? We’ve got you covered with these eight ideas for creating your perfect home-on-wheels office space. 1. Create […]

Tips for Tent Packing

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TENT PACKING TIPS Tent camping is a classic, family-friendly activity perfect for those who enjoy the great outdoors. When you go tent camping, you will need specific things to ensure your safety and comfort. Knowing which items are essential and which are optional will help you create the most useful packing list. Learn how to pack lightly […]