Amidst rapid growth, Travelcamp makes executive hire

In response to the growth, Travelcamp has hired former Dream Finder Homes executive John Blanton as chief operating officer, putting him in charge of ramping up staffing as the company grows. Blanton spent almost a decade at the fast-growing homebuilder, serving as CFO and chief accounting officer as DFH went from $3 million in revenue […]

Amidst rapid growth, Travelcamp makes executive hire

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The embrace of recreational vehicles by younger consumers has spurred massive growth at Jacksonville-based Travelcamp, with the RV company opening new dealerships at a rapid pace. Within the past three weeks, stores in Tennessee, North Carolina and Clermont debuted, and a 16th location is scheduled to open in Fort Pierce by fall of 2023. In response […]

Small RVs You Can Tow with an SUV

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There are a lot of different kinds of RVs out there. Some you can drive like a bus, and others you can tow with your SUV or truck. Most pickup trucks on the market can tow the heaviest of RVs with ease, but not everyone has access to trucks like these. Today, we’ll be focusing […]

Take a Hike to the Mountains, Literally, With the Winnebago Hike


When it comes to enjoying the great outdoors, there are two common options: old-school traditional camping or day trips by car. What if there were a better way to enjoy the convenience of modern living and still be at one with nature? Well, there is! Instead of roughing it, you can travel with the 2022 […]

The Best Places to Camp and Celebrate Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is that wonderful time of year when we all gather with friends and family to celebrate the important things in life. Of course, where you celebrate is just as important as how. Why not spend this Thanksgiving in the great outdoors like that first Thanksgiving all those years ago? You’ll be at one with […]

Tips For Overcoming A Fear Of Towing


I love helping people get started camping, especially those jumping in alone. Many people write to me expressing a desire to join in all the fun. When I ask what is stopping them, the most common reply I hear is a fear of towing. I understand and want to help put your mind at ease. […]

Where Can I Store MY RV for Free?

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The stuff you see about RV life on Instagram is great and all, but one thing that is less exciting is the cost of ownership. From insurance payments to RV maintenance costs, there is a lot to budget for if you’re an RV owner. For this reason, many RVers are looking for ways to cut costs. One of the best […]

7 Reasons You’ll Love RV Camping In The Fall

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Summer RV camping has its merits. The warm temperatures allow us to set up camp in beautiful places near lovely beaches on oceans or lakes or in cool mountain air. It really gets everybody in the camping spirit—especially families with school-age kids. However, many RVers overlook fall as a truly amazing season for RV camping. […]

Can RVs Park Overnight At Rest Areas?

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Driving an RV or hauling a trailer when you are tired is dangerous. It just doesn’t make sense to keep going when your brain and body need to sleep. Highway engineers knew this when they put many rest areas on most of the major routes throughout the US and Canada. These rest stops are usually […]

Road Trip Essentials

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ROAD TRIP ESSENTIALS CHECKLIST Road trips are a classic American pastime. The windows are rolled down, music is playing and your car is filled with all your favorite people. The only thing on your mind is where your next stop is going to be and the beautiful landscapes outside your window. Whether you are making […]