A Side By Side Comparison of Two 2022 Heartland RV Fifth Wheels

Fifth wheel RVs have long been popular for their storage capacity and comfortable interiors. It’s no wonder so many people want to buy one. But with new fifth wheel RV models coming out every year, it can be hard to sort through all your options. Good questions to consider include: What kind of floor plan do you want? How many people will be sleeping in your RV? What amenities and special features are available? 

You can narrow down your list of dream RVs by looking at 2022 Heartland RV fifth wheels. Heartland was founded by passionate RVers, and their latest models live up to their proud legacy. Learn more about two of their fifth wheel RV designs from this year: the 2022 Heartland Elkridge 38RSRT and the 2022 Heartland Bighorn 3300DL.

Floor Plan

The floor plan for the 2022 Heartland Elkridge 38RSRT features a master bedroom suite and a washer/dryer prep area. The bedroom is situated next to a full bathroom. Thanks to the RV’s grey water capacity of 135 gallons, you can enjoy a nice, long shower. The bathroom maximizes storage space by including both a linen closet and an overhead compartment. 

In the kitchen, you’ll find a sturdy French door refrigerator conveniently located next to the three-burner stove. A stainless steel oven is built into the space under the stovetop. If you’re in a hurry or just need to heat up something small, you can use the convection microwave. The sink is a single basin with a pullout sprayer for easy cleanup. When you’re finished with dinner, settle down at the dinette table or relax comfortably on the couch.

Like the Elkridge Heartland RV fifth wheel, the 2022 Heartland Bighorn 3300DL has a roomy bedroom and a washer/dryer prep area. The bedroom suite comes with a spacious walk-in closet. The design for the kitchen includes a three-burner stove, stainless steel sink, and hardwood cabinetry. The dinette table can seat up to four people, with two standard and two folding chairs. For extra room in the living area, flip up and fold the sleeper sofa.

The Bighorn’s bathroom deserves more attention. Unlike most fifth wheel RVs, it has two sinks, enabling multiple people to use the bathroom at once. The shower has a luxurious marble pattern and a wooden seat. After a long day of hiking, it’s a real treat to sit down and unwind in this shower.

Dimensions and Sleeping Capacity

The 2022 Heartland Elkridge 38RSRT boasts an impressive length of 42 feet. It weighs 13,525 pounds and has a GVWR of 16,000 pounds. As a result of its size, it can sleep up to seven people. Sleeping in this RV is especially comfortable because of the king size bed. If you prefer extra privacy, you can sleep in one of the loft beds instead. This is a good model for large families or people who want to invite big friend groups on their road trips.

The 2022 Heartland Bighorn 3300DL is a slightly smaller Heartland RV. It is 38 feet long and weighs 12,836 lbs. Its GVWR is also 16,000 pounds. It sleeps 3 people, which makes it preferable for small families and couples. Despite its small size, it still features a king bed. If you need extra sleeping space, throw some blankets on the couch to make a cozy bed.

Unique Features

If you’re looking for impressive storage capacity, the 2022 Heartland Elkridge 38RSRT is a good choice. You can store your gear under the king bed, in the walk-in closet, and in the many hardwood cabinets. If all that still isn’t enough for you, add an aluminum utility chest. As for entertainment, you can’t top the 50-inch big screen TV with a built-in soundbar.

Meanwhile, the 2022 Heartland Bighorn 3300DL has a furnace, air conditioner, and traditional oven. You don’t need to worry about running out of power because this RV comes with a pair of 30 lb propane tanks. If you’re relaxing outside on a sunny day, unfurl the 17-foot awning to give yourself some shade. For nighttime relaxation, add a colorful light-up palm tree or flamingo.

Choosing the Right Fifth Wheel RV

Both the 2022 Heartland Elkridge 38RSRT and the 2022 Heartland Bighorn 3300DL are great Heartland RV fifth wheel models. The Elkridge sleeps twice as many people as the Bighorn, but the Bighorn has a more luxurious bathroom. Ultimately, which one you choose is up to you. Do your own research, peruse the top models, and find the RV that will make every trip feel like being at home.