8 Reasons Why An RV Is Your Spring Break Best Friend

You’re yearning to get away for spring break this year, but you’re not ready to hop on a plane. You need a change of scenery, as long as the scenery isn’t full of other people. And you’d like to travel in a COVID-responsible manner. Sound familiar?

If that’s you, consider booking an RV vacation this spring break.

It won’t take you further than driving distance, yet it can lead you to a part of the country you maybe haven’t explored before. You’ll inhale fresh air, and you’ll feast on campfire popcorn and barbecue.

Sure, spring break 2021 won’t entail partying with 1,000 of your closest friends, but it doesn’t have to be gone completely. Here are eight reasons why an RV is your new spring break BFF:

1. Packing for a trip is more manageable

If you haven’t traveled in a year, then there’s a good chance you’ve lost the muscle memory of filling your suitcase — folding clothes tightly, remembering all the random toiletries, and accepting that you don’t need to pack those extra shoes that you might wear but that will certainly take up space.

Maybe the past year at home has gotten you addicted to your own coffee, or you can’t possibly fall asleep without your weighted blanket anymore. With an RV, you can pack things that you would never even think to take on a plane.

2. You can bring your furry best friend along

If you adopted a pet during the pandemic, you reaped many benefits while also introducing one conundrum: How do you travel if you don’t want to leave Bella in dog boarding?

“We’ve all seen the headlines of people adopting COVID dogs and cats, and now new pet owners are actively seeking travel options that allow them to take their pets along with them,” says Joel Holland, CEO of Harvest Hosts, which is a network of nontraditional RV campsites, such as at wineries and farms.

Throw in the fact that airlines have cracked down on emotional support animals, and an RV is increasingly becoming the best way to travel with your furry best friend. Holland said 90% of Harvest Hosts locations are pet-friendly (the site has a filter to search for them).

If you own your RV, here’s an idea that’s really the cat’s meow: built-in pet modifications. Holland said he’s seen pet crates built under seats and in corners, litter boxes hidden away in shelves, and food bowls built into walls.

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Article Courtesy of: https://www.rvia.org/news-insights/8-reasons-why-rv-your-spring-break-best-friend