7 RV Security Alarm Systems Under $300

Protect Your RV With These RV Security Alarm Systems

An RV is an expensive piece of equipment! For something this valuable, you’ll want to protect it with a great RV security alarm system. Fortunately, there are a lot of great options on the market. Some are quite expensive, but there are a lot of options that cost $300 or less. Some RV security alarm systems are even in the $20-$50 range.

Of course, with such a wide range of price points, you’ll get varying performance and features from these systems. Sometimes it’s best to pay a little more, but sometimes you can find a good system for a cheap price. We’ll explore several RV security alarm systems below and give an overview of their pros and cons.

RV security system features

Before we dive in, let’s quickly cover a checklist of important security system features. If your system is too basic, it won’t provide proper protection. On the other hand, there is such a thing as too many bells and whistles! A good security system should include things like:

  • Cameras
  • Motion sensors
  • An audible alarm
  • Entry sensors
  • Night vision
  • A panic button to contact police, firefighters, etc.

Some systems combine these features (such as a night vision camera that includes motion sensors), but all are important parts of an effective defense. You can also use simple systems to complement each other. For example, if you already have cameras in place, you can choose a simple system of entry sensors/alarms.

A lot of the budget-friendly options below are only sensors, so you can use them if you just want a basic level of protection. Although there are always more fancy systems to choose, any type of alert helps!

Now let’s look at some popular and well-rated systems so you can choose the best option for your RV.

Budget-Friendly RV Security Alarm Systems (Under $50)

Wsdcam Door Alarm

  • Approximate Price: $12

Our first option is one of the cheapest ones you’ll find anywhere. As such, it’s fairly simple. The Wsdcam alarm can be attached to doors or windows. There is a simple peel-and-stick installation, so you don’t need to drill any holes or call for professional help. These alarms are sold as individual units, so it will be more expensive if you want to buy multiple alarms for your points of entry.

This system also comes with a remote that can be used to arm or disarm the unit. The remote also has a panic button mode, and it can even function as a doorbell if you want. The alarm itself produces 105 decibels, so it’s nice and loud!

GE Personal Security Window and Door Alarm

  • Approximate Price: $20

This next RV security alarm system is pretty similar to the one above. The base model comes with 2 sensors instead of one, so you can cover multiple windows or doors. An upgraded pack of 6 is also available if you’d like a wider circle of protection. These entry sensors are easy to mount and don’t require any extra wiring.

When the alert is triggered, these units will blare a 120 decibel noise to deter intruders and alert occupants. If you just want an alert about someone entering during the day, there is also a chime setting that isn’t as jarring. Each alarm is battery-operated and has a light to let you know when the charge is running low.

Toeeson 120DB Door Alarms

  • Approximate Price: $27

If you want an alarm system that provides plenty of coverage, this option from Toeeson might be perfect! It comes with 6 door and window alarms, all of which are easy to stick to upright surfaces. These alarms are battery-operated and will indicate when they are running low on power.

The alarm produces 120 decibels, so you will be aware of the problem no matter where you are in the RV. Customers have complimented the loud and clear alarm tone. The units themselves are sleek, small, and modern, so they won’t stand out or detract from the appearance of your interior.

KERUI Upgraded Home Security System

  • Approximate Price: $40

Next up, we have an offering from KERUI. This system is a bit more complex and involves multiple parts. It’s closer to a high-end RV security alarm system, but it comes at a great price. Your purchase includes 2 door/window sensors, a motion detector, and 2 remote controls. The alarm comes from a siren that is capable of producing 115 decibels.

This variety gives you a more complete form of protection. The entry sensors can alert you to intruders and the motion detector can scan for unexpected movement inside the RV. The alarm is loud as well, so nobody will sneak up on you. Customers have also added that this is easy to set up and suits their needs perfectly. It’s a good blend of value and quality.

High-end RV Security Alarm Systems (Under $300)

REOLINK Solar WiFi Camera

  • Approximate Price: $85

The REOLINK is an intelligent alarm system that works in a few different ways. The main piece of equipment here is a camera with night vision capabilities. If it detects a threat within a 100-degree radius, it can set off the siren. Users can also program it to send notifications to a linked phone, so you can get updates on anomalies without dealing with a loud alarm.

The camera is powered by a battery, but you can also connect it to a solar panel so it doesn’t need to be replaced/recharged. The video feed will be stored so you can review it later, and the camera can even be installed outside of your RV due to its weatherproof design. Unfortunately, this system doesn’t come with entry sensors, but other ones can be used as a backup.

Ring Alarm 5 Piece kit Home Security System

  • Approximate Price: $200

Next up, we have a product from the Alexa family of products. This sleek 5-piece alarm kit will blend in perfectly with a modern RV. The system includes a base station, keypad, one contact sensor, one motion sensor, and one range extender. Together, these form a nice web of protection for an RV, apartment, or condo.

This unit can be connected to Alexa so you can give voice commands to arm or disarm the system. It can also send alerts to your phone if there are unexpected intrusions or noises. It’s also easy to call for help with this setup!

SimpliSafe 9 Piece Wireless Home Security System

  • Approximate Price: $220

Simplisafe is one of the biggest names in RV security, and this 9-piece system is pretty much perfect. It has a camera, motion sensors, and a base station. The system is also powerful enough to cover a large area with no need for range extenders. In addition, everything is super easy to set up.

All motion detectors can sense movements within 30 feet, which is more than enough for an RV. If you buy this unit, you also have the option to sign up for 24/7 protection and monitoring from police, fire departments, and medical dispatch. With this plan, you never need to worry about getting help when you need it!