7 Reasons to Plan a Camping Trip Close to Home

Going away on vacation or a weekend getaway doesn’t mean you have to travel far away. Sometimes, getting away from the daily grind is enough to enter the vacation state of mind. If you don’t have the resources to travel far or just want to relax already, consider the following benefits of sticking close to home.

1. Planning a Trip Close to Home can Save You Money

Vacation costs can add up quickly. But if you plan to take a trip close to home, some of those costs will disappear. The first thing you’ll notice is fuel savings. If you travel less than one hundred miles away, you can make it to your destination and back, including a few side trips, on one tank of gas. And if your vehicle mileage is within its maintenance schedule, it shouldn’t need an additional inspection since you’re not going far.

2. Packing is Easier When You Camp Near Home

You live here, so you should have a good idea of what to pack. The weather patterns are familiar to you, so you’ll know if you need heavy jackets and blankets or if there will be lots of sun, calling for a shade canopy and sunscreen. If you take your vehicle to the campground, you’ll know if you have enough room to bring sporting equipment like kayaks or bikes with you or if renting them on-site is better.

3. You’ll Stress Less with an Easy Trip

What’s more stressful than hearing a chorus of “Are we there yet?” coming at you from the back seat? The kids won’t have time to become impatient, and you won’t be tired out from driving when you travel close to home. Arrive at the campground without body kinks or simmering road rage, and start having fun pronto.

4. More Time Exploring, L:ess Time Driving

Make sure your local getaway destination is outside of your daily commute so you can experience a relaxing change of pace. Maximize your time off, whether leaving Friday evening after work to wake up where you’ve always wanted to explore or take off first thing in the morning to enjoy the bulk of the day camping.

5. Experience Where You Live

If you’re a long-term resident, you must love where you live. And if you’ve recently moved to the area, you should be excited to get out and explore it. Camping near where you live can give you a new perspective on the area, help you get to know it better, and give you the chance to do all the stuff your neighbors and friends like to do. There’s no reason to feel out of place doing local activities because you’re not a tourist; you live here!

6. Meet Up With Friends and Family

You might be camping near where friends or family live. Why not work in a visit to see them? Or they could meet you at the campground or for an outing nearby like wine tasting or shopping. Consider planning a camping trip with friends and family and book neighboring campsites to add an additional layer of fun.

7. You Can Travel More Often with Trips that Keep You Close To Home

If traveling within a close radius of home is enjoyable, do it often. It’s a lot easier and less time-consuming than going great distances, making local travel ideal for people, young and old, who just want to get outside and play already!