7 Corn Mazes in the Midwest to Visit This Fall

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Nothing says fall like spending a crisp afternoon winding your way through a corn maze, and most of these Midwest mazes feature other fun activities like pumpkin patches and apple picking—if you can find your way out of the maze. They’re also located near cozy RV campgrounds.

Corn maze in shape of train, flowers, trees, and pumpkin landscape

Photo courtesy of Richardson Farm

Richardson Adventure Farm, Spring Grove, Illinois

Is it actually the world’s largest corn maze, as advertised? That’s a bit difficult to fact-check, but there’s no doubt that the Richardson Corn Maze is gigantic, cutting through 28 acres of corn and offering maze-goers almost 10 miles of trail. That might sound daunting, but the maze is actually made up of four smaller mazes, each with a way in and out. Visitors can complete one or all four, and take advantage of checkpoints and bridges over the corn for a bird’s-eye view of the paths below. The farm also features lots of other activities, such as a pumpkin patch and zipline. The maze is open until November 7.

Corn maze in shape of a Pac-Man game and characters

Photo courtesy of Pinter’s Pumpkin Patch

Pinter’s Pumpkin Patch, Decorah, Iowa

Pinter’s Gardens and Pumpkins in northeast Iowa has been offering visitors a variety of “agri-tainment” activities since 2011, including a pumpkin patch, apple orchard, and 7-acre corn maze, charmingly carved for 2021 into the likeness of a Pac-Man game board. There are lots of dead ends and only one real path through the maze. You might even run into Pac-Man himself, or one of the pesky ghosts who bedevil him. After you complete the maze, stop at the onsite bakery to pick up cupcakes in flavors like mint dream, pumpkin, and Heath English toffee. The maze is open until October 31.

Corn maze in design of a race car

Photo courtesy of Henry Bazan

Exploration Acres, Lafayette, Indiana

There’s so much to do at Exploration Acres, you may want to plan for an entire afternoon. Want to fire a corn cannon that uses compressed air to fling corn cobs 500 feet in the air? Or bury your significant other in a gigantic mound of straw? Hop on a hayride for a trip to the 11-acre pumpkin patch, but don’t forget the main attraction: a 22-acre corn maze with over 10 miles of paths, carved into a car and motorcycle racing scene for 2021. The maze is open until October 30.

Corn maze in shape of bee

Photo courtesy of Louisburg Cider Mill

Louisburg Cider Mill, Louisburg, Kansas

What began as a small roadside apple stand in 1977 has burgeoned into the Louisburg Cider Mill, a must-visit stop in northeast Kansas. Fall is especially festive at the mill, with food trucks and live music each weekend, as well as a large country store, stuffed full of seasonal souvenirs. Grab a fresh apple cider donut and head to the 10-acre corn maze, carved for 2021 into a sweet picture of a flower and a bumblebee, featuring the words “bee kind” etched into the corn. A hayride through the 10-acre pumpkin patch on the way out rounds out a perfect fall afternoon. The maze is open until October 31.

Corn maze in the shape of pumpkin and ghost

Photo courtesy of New Salem Corn Maze

New Salem Corn Maze, Dorr, Michigan

There are two mazes at the New Salem Corn Maze, one meant for daytime exploration and one designed to deliver Halloween frights after dark. The daytime one is cut into the shape of a ghost and pumpkin, but we suggest saving yourself for a visit to one of the Midwest’s spookiest haunted mazes. Each night from dusk until 11 p.m., the 13-acre maze, carved into the shape of a ghost pirate ship, turns into an outdoor haunted house, with moving floors, special effects, fog, and plenty of horror-movie-worthy actors. If you’re looking for an even more terrifying time, try Witches Woods, which features two trails cut through the nearby woods and a bevy of patients newly escaped from a hospital ward for the criminally insane. The nighttime maze runs through October 30; the daytime maze ends on October 31.

Photo courtesy of Maze Craze

Maze Craze, New Springfield, Ohio

The 21-acre maze at Maze Craze features four mazes in one. This year’s design is an intricately carved image of Snow White, along with the Wicked Queen, Dopey the dwarf, and a squirrel, one of Snow White’s woodland friends. Visitors can complete all four mazes, with checkpoints and interactive games in each. The squirrel, at 0.6 miles, is perfect for the kids in the group, while the portion of the maze featuring Snow White, the poisoned apple, and the Wicked Queen has 4.6 miles of trails and is more challenging. After completing the maze, there are hayrides, a pumpkin patch, a kiddie zipline and more. The maze closes on November 7.

Corn maze in shape of cat

Photo courtesy of Treinen Farm

Treinen Farm, Lodi, Wisconsin

Each year, the Treinen Farm maze is truly a family labor of love. First, Angie Treinen spends weeks brainstorming and designing the maze. Once finalized, her husband Alan plants the 15-acre field in a giant grid and, when the corn is less than a foot tall, the family cuts the trails using the grid and Angie’s design. The Treinen Farm corn maze regularly wins best-of awards because of its intricacy.

This year’s maze is a real mind-bender, with a theme called “Schrödinger’s Cat and Other Thought Experiments.” A playful kitty sits in a box, surrounded by various thought experiments—including the famous Trolley Problem—and a ball of string. To make it more challenging, maze-goers are given only one piece of the map at a time, with missing pieces hidden in seven mailboxes scattered around the maze. The maze is open until November 14.

Cooler weather, turning leaves, and uncrowded campgrounds make fall one of our favorite times to camp in the Midwest. But before you settle in at your site, visit one of these amusing corn mazes—and bring home some fall treats to share around the campfire.

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