5 Towables That Our Florida RV Dealership Customers Love

Towables are great for flexibility on the road. The biggest selling point of a towable is that you can travel with it and then detach it when you want to take your vehicle elsewhere. Towables provide the comfort and amenities of an RV along with the freedom of exploring with a smaller vehicle.

If you’ve been casually browsing RVs for sale, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed by the different types of towables available. There’s a ton of variety in what you can buy and a towable for every taste. Let’s run through the most popular towable RV choices on the market right now to help you decide what’s right for you.

Travel Trailer

A travel trailer can be incredibly versatile in size and layout, making it the most popular choice of towable.

In a larger travel trailer, you’ll find ample living space, a kitchen, and a bathroom. What’s more, an outdoor kitchen is common in these RVs. This means you can enjoy a cold drink from the mini-fridge and cooked meals outside. Some travel trailers even have an extra outdoor TV.

Some features are only available in large models; for instance, a separate bedroom that provides extra privacy. Some travel trailers include an electric fireplace that will warm the RV on cold, rainy days when you don’t want to step outside.

Outside-access storage areas mean you can tuck plenty of belongings safely out of the way until you need them. A travel trailer will sleep anywhere from four to 10 people, and you can find one or two slideouts on most models.

For a great travel trailer, take a look at the 2021 Cruiser RV MPG 2120RB.

Fifth Wheel

Fifth-wheel trailers are packed with features and amenities that are on par with a motor home or travel trailer, but they’re easier to tow. They’re a luxurious choice for a large family or group. Fifth wheels usually sleep four to eight people, with a separate master bedroom.

Fifth wheels feature a raised section at the front, offering the potential of a two-level floor plan. With loads of storage, high ceilings, a large living area, and up to several slideouts, fifth wheels suit anyone who’s apprehensive about a lack of space in an RV.

Expect a large TV and entertainment system, and a kitchen almost as well-equipped as at home. A standout feature of a fifth wheel is its large window at the rear of the RV that offers stunning views.

A fifth wheel is one of the heaviest choices of RV, coming in at around 18,000 pounds once it’s filled with your belongings. It will therefore need to be towed by a pickup truck.

Check out the 2021 Keystone Avalanche 382FL fifth wheel now.


The teardrop refers to the shape of this RV, which slopes down at the rear. Sleeping only two to three people, the teardrop RV is a great choice for a couple on a long weekend getaway.

The teardrop is lightweight and can be towed with a car, SUV, or minivan. Despite their smaller size, these RVs still have basic bathroom and kitchen facilities.

The latest innovations in this style of RV are providing more flexibility for the space inside. Although the teardrop’s interior is compact, the kitchen in the morning can transform into the living room in the evening, which can then turn into the bedroom at night.

One of the best aspects of the teardrop is how easy it is to navigate, as you’ll be towing it from your familiar family vehicle. It’s far simpler to find a spot to park in than it is for most RVs, and you can take it across terrain that bulkier RVs would never be able to handle. This provides instant freedom to explore without having to go out of your way to park the RV first.

When at home, the teardrop can be stored in a garage.


Pop-ups are exactly what you’d expect — they pop up to create a living space, then fold away into a trailer while you’re on the road. Once you arrive at your destination, they’re easy to set up. This makes them perfect for the camper who finds the idea of a large RV lifestyle a bit overwhelming. Others are attracted to pop-ups for their reasonable prices and being able to tow them from any vehicle, including a small car.

Pop-ups are compact and lightweight, but there’s still a lot of variety in their potential size and style. Some pop-ups consist of a tiny tent shape with only room for a bed. Others maximize the surrounding outdoor area, adding exterior kitchens and storage to make more space for living inside the pop-up.

Although they can surprisingly sleep up to eight people, pop-ups are best suited for couples looking for basic amenities and a cozy space that’s still close to nature. Despite their simple setup, many pop-ups feature a dry or wet bath/shower area and even air conditioning.

Check out this cozy pop-up, the 2020 Coachmen Viking Express 9.0.

Truck Camper

Truck campers are unusually shaped because this type of towable needs to be loaded onto the back of a pickup truck. This connectivity makes truck campers easier to drive than most towables, however, as they almost become one with your vehicle. It also means they handle difficult terrain far more comfortably.

You’ll likely find yourself sleeping in a bed above where the truck’s chassis normally would be, in the coziest area of this RV. The clever use of compact space means the truck camper still offers plenty of features, including a kitchen, dinette, and bathroom. It can sleep between two and six people comfortably.

Wide windows and skylights help to create a more open feel to the space, and slideouts in some larger models will create an illusion of size comparable to a travel trailer or fifth wheel. Yet, the truck camper will still fit in your garage.

Check out the 2021 Adventurer Eagle 1200 truck camper now.

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From the cozy comfort of the pop-up to the luxury living of the fifth wheel, we’ve shown you the most popular towables the RV industry currently has to offer.

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