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4 Ways To Be Better Prepared For The RV Lifestyle

You’ll Enjoy The RV Lifestyle More If You Are Better Prepared

Over the last few years, millions of folks have adopted the RV lifestyle. Some RVers researched every aspect of the lifestyle diligently, while others dove in head first with a devil-may-care attitude and just hit the road. While there is probably a balance between the two, we would certainly lean heavily on the side of being prepared. In that spirit, here are four things to consider when choosing the RV life.

1. Buy the right RV the first time

There’s an RVer’s adage that states, “Buy your third RV first.” Newcomers to the RV lifestyle might ask, “What the heck does that mean?”

The general idea is RVers buy the cheapest RV they can find, then quickly realize they need something larger. While they are happy with that decision, financially it’s not a great one. Often that enthusiasm for the RV lifestyle may have you seeing through rose-colored glasses.

A year or two later, with some experience under their belt, these same RVers upgrade again and take another debilitating hit to their wallet in the form of more depreciation. You can mitigate the risk and truly buy the correct RV the first time by paying attention to the two “R’s”…renting and research.

By renting different types of RVs, you’ll discover what you like and don’t like. During that time, you can also do loads of research to learn everything you can about every RV, including what the potential repair costs might be and if the rig you’re eyeing qualifies for any type of RV protection. Going to RV shows is a great choice, as is subscribing to popular blogs and YouTube channels. Matt’s RV Reviews does an excellent job of breaking down RVs, along with walk-throughs of every RV.

2. Make sure you have your RV warranty coverage sorted out

It’s really important to get your RV warranty coverage figured out as soon as you have a sense of the RV you will be owning. You’ll need to know what is and isn’t covered, so you can make decisions about servicing your RV on schedule. Sitting in a repair shop–an inevitable part of RV ownership–is not the time to begin your RV warranty research.

The truth is, RVs break down. Rigs are filled with more mechanical and electrical components than ever, all traveling down the highway with you, winding through backroads to your favorite destination. It’s no surprise that all of those bells and whistles eventually break down. With a higher demand than ever on RV repair, you’ll find prices can pose a serious threat to your RV travel budget.

Getting a free quote from a reliable RV protection provider is a great place to start your RV warranty education. You’ll want to know what is covered, what is not covered, how a warranty differs from insurance and more. And most importantly, you’ll want to make sure you invest in coverage you can count on. Prepare for the RV lifestyle by working with an extended RV warranty provider who has a good customer service rating and a reliable name in the RV community.

Stay protected 24/7 while on the road

RV protection doesn’t end at warranties. You’ll want to be prepared, 24/7, for emergencies while traveling. A reliable RV Roadside and Tech Assistance plan is a great companion to your extended RV warranty. Have a plan for both the good stuff, like destinations and activities, and the not-so-good stuff, like breakdowns, towing events, and more.

3. Learn about the RV lifestyle through popular blogs, clubs, forums, and YouTube channels

When it comes to doing research, as charming as your local library might be, it’s likely they don’t have the latest information on the RV lifestyle.

Online resources like blogs (aka articles), clubs, forums, and YouTube channels will provide much greater insight to the current state of the RV lifestyle.

You’ll find the answer to practically every RV question ever asked on, the #1 RVing forum around. RVing clubs like Escapees, along with memberships like Harvest Hosts, provide great resources to find camping as well as get-togethers and RV rallies.

4. Plan your trips in detail before you leave

Planning your RV trips in detail is a step that is often overlooked by new RVers. But, planning your trips is vital to being prepared for the RV lifestyle. Making campground reservations isn’t enough. You also have to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have an RV-safe route?
  • Where will you find fuel when you need it, and can you fit into that fuel station?
  • When and where will you stop at rest areas or stock up on provisions?
  • How will the length and/or weight of your RV affect your driving and your route?


Education and planning ahead are pillars for enjoying a successful RV lifestyle. It can be tempting to jump in and let the freedom of the open road be your guide, but at the end of the day, it won’t make for a smooth ride. It’s important to find the right rig for your plans, protect that investment, and stay safe out on the road.

At Wholesale Warranties, we understand that getting proper warranty and road protection isn’t the most exciting part of your RV lifestyle, but it is certainly one of the most important.