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19 RVing Hacks You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

20 RVing Hacks To Keep You Comfortable And Organized

We all want life to be simple when we are RVing. These easy hacks will help you get the most out of your RV with little to no effort on your part. We researched the best RVing hacks that will keep your RV comfortable and organized wherever you happen to be.

RV storage hacks

Some RVs are better equipped with storage than others. However, all RVs have very limited storage. It’s a good idea to have multifunctional items in the RV to minimize storage needs and lighten your load. Here are some of the best RV storage hacks we’ve heard of.

1. Get some 5-gallon buckets.

One of the best RVing tips is for everything in the RV to have multiple uses. While that’s not always possible, having 5-gallon buckets with lids can give you:

  • Dry goods storage
  • A water tote
  • Secure food storage
  • A place to store ice
  • A laundry washer
  • Storage for hoses, electrical cords
  • Storage for tools

2. Use gamma seal lids on buckets.

Tenacious 5-gallon bucket lids can be hard to get on and off. Gamma seal lids are twist-off lids that fit onto any 5-gallon bucket to make sealing and unsealing the bucket as easy as taking the lid off a jar.

3. Use museum putty to secure things on counters.

Museum putty can be used on the bottom of plant pots, coffee machines, and other items that live on RV counters. RVers who use it swear by its ability to hold stuff in place during travel. Let us know in the comments section if you have tried this hack too.

4. Fill and freeze water bottles to keep things in the RV fridge or cooler cold.

Freeze water in plastic water bottles or clean upcycled beverage containers to put into the RV refrigerator while you travel. Milk, juice, and other beverages can also be frozen and used to keep things cool in the fridge or cooler.  A bonus is that they will be icy and refreshing when you arrive at your destination.

5. Use backpacking dry storage bags to store dog or cat food.

Dry storage bags make an excellent container to store dog or cat food in. If you use 40 lb bags of dog food, divide the food between two dry storage bags. When the first bag is empty, it can easily be folded up and put away. Because they are compressible, dry storage bags can fit into a variety of spaces.

6. Use magnetic strips in the bathroom cabinet.

It can be time-consuming and frustrating trying to find small metal toiletry items after bumping along down a highway or gravel road. You can mount a strong magnetic strip on the inside of a bathroom door to store odds and ends like scissors, tweezers, nail clippers, etc. They’ll always be in easy reach when you need them.

7. Use a water pack to store and transport water.

Unlike plastic totes, water packs like the HydraPak or MSR Dromedary don’t crack, and they can be rolled or folded to take up hardly any space when they aren’t being used. They are available in sizes up to 3 gallons.

8. Save space with microfiber towels.

Microfiber towels absorb moisture and dry quickly. They take up very little space and are very lightweight compared to their more traditional cotton counterparts.

9. Save and reuse desiccant packets.

Moisture in the RV can cause chips and other snacks to go prematurely stale. A desiccant packet put into a bag of chips will keep them fresh, crispy, and oh so tasty.

10. Use magnetic childproofing cabinet locks.

Magnetic childproofing cabinet locks are invisible and work like magic to keep drawers and cabinet doors closed during travel. Set the locks to “lock” setting before you take off on your travels. When you get where you’re going, use a magnet to quickly unlock the locks until you lock them again.

RVing hacks to make travel planning easy

How did we get along before travel apps were a thing? Travel apps can help you with trip planning and finding the best price on fuel for your journey. Here are a few apps that make RV travel a breeze.

11. Save money on fuel with the Gas Buddy App.

Gas Buddy is a cool app that lists all the current gas prices at any location you plug into it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always tell us if a gas station is RV-friendly, although users are invited to suggest RV-friendly gas stations in their reviews. Gas Buddy is available on both iPhones and Android mobile devices.

RVing hacks for your comfort

Whether we are traveling or campng in our RVs, it’s important to be comfortable and cozy, even when it’s chill outside. Here are some tips to help you stay comfy and happy.

12. Stay warm with fleece bedsheets.

When it’s cold out, it’s nice to be comfy in bed without having to use the furnace or electric heater. Using microfiber fleece bedsheets will help you stay warm and toasty in the shoulder seasons or even in winter. A bonus is that fleece bedsheets are super soft.

13. Utilize your RV outdoor showers.

We love our outdoor shower on our rig for washing sand off feet after the beach or even bathing the dog. The one drawback is that if we are showering our feet off or washing our dog on the ground, we tend to create a mud bath, which can be worse than what we cleaning off.

Rubber matting squares to the rescue! Interlocking rubber tiles keep the area around the outdoor shower clean so we can shower off without making things worse.

14. Use magnetic motion sensor lights around and under the RV.

Wildlife can sometimes be attracted to the food smells around and warmth of your RV.  Skunks, raccoons, snakes, and rodents can all suddenly come to camp with us.

Fortunately, none of these animals like to be startled by sudden bright lights when they arrive, and they will often go away when we use motion detecting lights around the RV.

RVing hacks for your pets

Many RVers travel and camp with their pets. Whether you have a dog or a cat, here are some RV hacks that will help make RV life a little easier for you and your best friend.

15. Try Ruffwear Dirtbag dog towels.

These absorbant waterproof coats are microfiber towels on the inside and waterproof nylon on the outside. They fit like a huge coat, trapping and absorbing water and mud while protecting the RV.

These are truly a lifesaver for RV owners whose dogs swim, bathe, get muddy, and generally enjoy the great outdoors.

16. Use a hands-free dog leash.

A hands-free dog leash allows you to have the leash clipped around your waist or carry in your hand too. One of the great things about hands-free leashes is if you need to, you can clip them around a stationary object like a picnic table support when you need to do something quick that doesn’t involve your dog.

RVing hacks to make housekeeping chores easier

RVing hacks about doing chores are super popular with RVers. Sadly, laundry and household chores don’t go away when we are RVing. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make these chores a little easier.

17. Have your laundry do itself.

Use a 5-gallon bucket to do your laundry. Simply put a laundry pod into your 5-gallon bucket, followed by your dirty clothes. Then top with warm water, a couple of inches above the clothes.

Seal the bucket closed with a fitted bucket lid. Now put the laundry in the back of your vehicle and go for a drive. Every bump that you go over will agitate your dirty clothes and get them clean. The further you go, the cleaner they’ll get!

18. Upcycle household wipe containers.

Before tossing those plastic household wipe containers, consider upcycling them. Antibacterial wipe containers work perfectly as plastic bag dispensers, and they fit easily into cabinets, baskets, or drawers. Plastic grocery bags work as excellent trash bags and also can come in handy if you have a pet to pick up after.

19. Use a hairdryer to defrost the freezer.

RV freezers don’t like to be clogged up with ice. Defrosting can take a long time if you let the freezer thaw naturally. Instead, after you turn the freezer off and empty its contents, try to thaw it out quickly with a hairdryer. The heat from the hairdryer will have your RV freezer thawed in minutes.