13 Outdoor Brands That Give Back To Wild Places And Wildlife

What we do in our woods and on our waters is only possible because the generations before us recognized their value. Conservation is the driving force behind sustainable wildlife populations, fisheries, and ecosystems. That’s why so many of us give back to these wild places through conservation organizations and donations. Today, there are several hunting, fishing, and outdoor brands that also recognize the value of protecting the places we all enjoy so much, especially as the number of us enjoying them grows.

According to Outdoor Industry Association, outdoor recreation among Americans increased by more than 7 million people from 2019 to 2020. That’s a pile of new people on the landscape and a lot of new customers buying equipment. With significant sales gains across the industry, many makers of that gear are sharing their wealth with our natural resources.

These gear brands have not only started making financial contributions to conservation initiatives, they’ve also begun to source, manufacturer, and distribute their products through sustainable practices. I broke down some of the leading outdoor brands fighting for conservation and our wild spaces into four categories:

  • Rivers: Fishing and rafting companies
  • Ridges: Hunting brands
  • Rides: Vehicle manufacturers
  • Drinks: Beverage companies

Every time you contribute to these brands, you’re supporting conservation, public lands, and our wild places.


Rides: Get to the Backcountry, and Give Back While Doing So

THOR Industries

THOR Industries, makers of several trailer brands, wants you to get out of town and pick up as you go. THOR launched Pick Up America in 2019. The goal? Fifty tons of garbage removed from public lands throughout the country. They’ve exceeded that goal by 480 percent, with RVers well on their way to a trash heap weighing 240 tons. Watch the pile peak here.


Airstream wants you on the road too—but in a carbon-neutral manner. It launched Caravan to Carbon Neutral this year. It’s a program that offsets carbon emissions by partnering with National Forest Foundation to plant nearly 120,000 trees.


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