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10 Places to Visit for National Camping Month

Where To Go For National Camping Month

June is upon us! For many people, this is the time to plan vacations, get out of the house, and enjoy the warm weather. Did you know that June is also National Camping Month? This tradition was established in the 1970s and it holds strong today.

Due to the combination of free time and warm weather, this month is the perfect time to plan a trip somewhere new. Maybe you’ll explore state/national parks, visit an amusement park, or set up camp near a special festival or event! No matter what you want to do this summer, there’s a perfect campground to put you close to the action.

Below are 10 places you might want to check out during National Camping Month. Some of these destinations cover large areas, while others are much smaller. We hope that there’s something for everyone who loves to travel and explore the outdoors. We’ll also provide some information about campgrounds and RV parks in the area so you have a place to stay during your vacation.

National Parks

The United States has tons of land dedicated to conservation and public use. State and National Parks provide a wonderful opportunity to hike, bike, swim, and explore various parts of the country. National Parks are often particularly impressive because of their huge size and significant landmarks. Some of our personal favorite parks include:

1. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Montana

Yellowstone is a massive and stunning national park with so much to see and do. You can visit Old Faithful and take walks around the various geysers, springs, and mud pots.

The surrounding area is also full of wildlife like bison, wolves, and moose, so you might spot these beautiful creatures. There are tons of hikes and trails in this park, as well as various hotspots for education, shopping, and dining.

Campgrounds in the area:

  • Yellowstone Trail RV Park
  • Beaver Creek Campground
  • Lonesomehurst

2. Yosemite National Park, California

Yosemite is one of California’s true gems. Hiking is one of the most popular pastimes here, and there are tons of places to do it. This mountainous area is full of stunning peaks and cliffs, including El Capitan, Half Dome, and Glacier Point. There are also massive trees that will make you feel tiny by comparison, so this whole park is full of giants. Lakes and rivers are also scattered throughout Yosemite, so you can enjoy some stunning water views as well.

Keep in mind that you will need a reservation ahead of time to visit or drive through Yosemite. Reservations are required for those driving in the park between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m, every day from May 20 to September 30, 2022.

Campgrounds in the area:

  • Lower Pines
  • Wawona Campground
  • Upper Pines

3. Glacier National Park, Montana

If you’re looking for a destination that’s full of rugged beauty, check out Glacier National Park. This park has an amazing mix of mountains, valleys, forests, and lakes. Wildlife abounds in this remote park, and you’ve got a good chance to spot moose, mountain goats, and elk.

June is a good time to visit because the weather is warming up, but the summer crowds have not arrived yet. National Camping Month is the perfect time to plan a trip here!

Campgrounds in the area:

  • West Glacier RV Park and Cabins
  • Summit Campground
  • Lake Five Resort

4. Grand Canyon: Arizona

The Grand Canyon is a notable landmark that has awed visitors with its stunning views and colorful rock layers. This is a large national park that gives guests plenty of ways to explore the area.

Hikes and guided trails are popular here, and you can always ride a horse or donkey if you’d like to give your legs a rest. Historical landmarks like the Desert View Watchtower and Tusayan Ruins are also worth a look if you’re in this area.

Campgrounds in the area:

  • Coconino Rim Road
  • Canyon View RV Resort
  • Desert View

Amusement parks

Getting outside and having fun in the wilderness is great, but sometimes you need something a little more entertaining. There are tons of amusement parks and attractions in the US, and National Camping Month is a great time to explore some of them. These destinations can be the focal point of your whole year and are fantastic for families.

5. Disneyland, California

Everyone has heard of Disneyland! This is a classic vacation spot for families and individuals who want to enjoy a magical time. The park itself will provide days of entertainment with its rides, attractions, and shops.

If you want to enjoy other features of this area, check out Knott’s Berry Farm, the Aquarium of the Pacific, and the various beaches nearby.

Parks in the area:

  • Anaheim Harbor RV Park
  • Canyon RV Park
  • Orangeland RV Park

6. Disney World, Florida

If you want to step things up a notch, head to Disney World. The park is much larger and there’s a greater variety of activities to choose from. You might spend one day in Epcot exploring the cultures of the world, then get a picture in front of the castle in Magic Kingdom! This area is chock-full of things to do, so you may need to return next year to get the full experience.

Other attractions near Disney World include Universal Studios, Discovery Cove, and Lake Louisa State Park.

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Parks in the area:

  • Sherwood Forest RV Resort
  • Tropical Palms Resort
  • Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground

7. Cedar Point, Ohio

If you love roller coasters, Cedar Point is the place for you. This amusement park is full of hair-raising rides and stomach-turning falls. Cedar Point is a thrill-seeker’s dream come true, and it comes with a massive water park as well!

The surrounding area also has attractions that will delight travelers of all ages. Visit Kelleys Island State Park, Nickel Plate Beach, or the Merry-Go-Round Museum.

Parks in the area:

  • Sandusky/Bayshore KOA Holiday
  • Cedar Point Resorts/ Lighthouse Point Campground
  • Crystal Rock Campground


June may be National Camping Month, but it’s also a great time for various events to take place. As the weather warms up and people look for fun things to do, entertainers are happy to provide. There are countless activities and events that happen every summer, but some particularly fun music festivals and parades are described below.

8. Chicago Blues Festival, Illinois

June is a great time for music lovers to enjoy all the festivals, concerts, and jam sessions. The Chicago Blues Festival takes place over the course of four days this year, starting on June 9 and ending on June 12. Noteworthy performers this year include Lurrie Bell, The Mike Wheeler Band, Sharon Lewis, the Keeshea Pratt Band, Melody Angel, and many more!

Parks in the area:

  • Chicago McCormick Place Marshaling Yard
  • Camp Bullfrog Lake
  • Woodland Village RV and Mobile Park Home

9. Coney Island Mermaid Parade, New York

For 40 years, Coney Island has hosted a spectacular Mermaid Parade. In 2022, this event will take place on June 18. This parade marks the start of the summer swimming season and is heralded as a true benchmark of summer.

The parade itself is full of colorful costumes, antique cars, and quirky displays. It’s a real showcase of the vibrant creative culture of New York. You can also enjoy the other attractions of Coney Island while you’re here!

Parks in the area:

  • Floyd Bennett Field
  • Nickerson Beach Campground
  • Cheesequake State Park

10. Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, Tennessee

Another noteworthy event for music lovers is the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Nashville, Tennessee. This is a major event that draws in big crowds every year.

This year, the festival spans from June 16-19. Some of the performers include Role Model, Goose, Chris Lake, Lane 8, Denzel Curry, and 100 Gecs. There are tons more and everyone is such to find something they love! This festival also includes dance parties, parades, and secret shows, so there’s lots to enjoy.