Sometimes people think living in an RV (whether full time or short term) means they won’t be able to enjoy their favorite holiday traditions such as putting up a Christmas tree, but that doesn’t have to be true. These RV owners found a way to have a tree in their campers and motorhomes, and so can you! Take a look at their ideas for some inspiration.

Tabletop Mini Trees

A miniature tree is the perfect way to have a Christmas tree in a camper. This one is actually ours that we decorated in our own our RV. We got the tree at Walmart and the decorations at Dollar Tree. You can see the rest of our holiday/winter decor from a previous year in this blog post.

Table top Christmas tree - perfectly sized for RV holiday decor.

Another year we decided to go with a real mini tree that we found at the grocery store. This one is potted and can be planted outside. Since I didn’t have a yard, I just gave it away after Christmas. (You can read about how I made the removable holiday cover for our wall sconce in this article.)

Christmas Decor in Our RV 2018 |

This is probably the most adorable mini tree I’ve ever seen. You could easily make it yourself – just visit a Christmas tree lot, bring home one of the trimmings, and stick it in a cute container of coffee beans! (Tip: Lowe’s and Home Depot will often let you collect the branches trimmed off other people’s Christmas trees for free!) A small strand of battery powered fairy lights would be perfect for illuminating a tiny tree like this. (By the way, the little camper came from Target a couple of years ago.)

If you’re in a motorhome, the dashboard makes a great place to set a tiny Christmas tree!

Tiny Christmas tree on motorhome dashboard

Alternative Christmas Trees

Wall Christmas Trees

No floor space for a tree? Hang your tree on a wall instead!

This “tree” was made by hanging faux evergreen branches on the wall with Command hooks:

Wall Christmas Tree by Amanda Pollard

This minimalist tree was made of birch rods connected with rope and wrapped with lights and makes a lovely place for this RV owner to display trinkets and ornaments.

Tomato Cage Tree

Here’s a creative, lightweight, and inexpensive idea: an upside-down tomato cage decorated with big, floppy bows and a whimsical hat!

Tomato cage Christmas tree by Niqi Lewin

Short Christmas Trees

By setting a shorter tree on top of a side table, ottoman, or even the “doghouse” of a motorhome, you can achieve the look of a taller tree without having to sacrifice additional floor space.

I love the giant ornaments on this tree:

Christmas tree in a motorhome

This little tree blends in nicely with the rest of the camper’s decor:

I love how this RV owner used a storage ottoman with a tray lid as the base for her Christmas tree:

Christmas tree in RV with storage ottoman as base by Gaylene Charles-Getman

Camping Themed Christmas Tree Decor

One of the most fun things about having a Christmas tree in a camper is the opportunity to decorate them with a camping theme, like this tree adorned with miniature camper ornaments (which you can find on Amazon).

Christmas tree adorned with miniature camper ornaments by Sharon Beimers Semkiw


I love the vintage camper and truck theme of this Christmas decor:

Travel Themed Christmas Trees

Beach-inspired Christmas tree

Many RVers spend winter near the beach, which makes a beach-themed Christmas tree like this one perfect for the season.

by <a href="">Gail Alexander</a>

Cactus Christmas Tree

How cool is this cactus Christmas tree? Perfect if you’re spending winter in the dessert (or wish you were)! If you want a cactus Christmas tree of your own, here’s one on Amazon!

Cactus Christmas Tree

Real Christmas Trees

One way to have a larger Christmas tree in an RV without having to find a place to store it is to simply get a real tree! The one shown below is in a motorhome owned by Katie and Eric of the blog If you don’t have space inside your RV, you could even set up a real tree with lights outside your RV!

Pencil Trees

Tall, skinny Christmas trees, sometimes called “pencil trees”, seem to be the most popular choice by far among most RV owners. Here’s a round-up of several of them:

Christmas tree in camper owned by Bobbi Gearhart


RV in fifth wheel owned Tracy Fuhs


Pencil Christmas tree for RV by Melissa Redden


Vicki Garcia Christmas tree in fifth wheel


Pencil tree in RV by Tina Poe-Romine

Full Sized Christmas Trees

Some RV owners have even managed to fit a full sized Christmas tree into their RV! (Of course this might work better in some campers than others!)

I love the little Christmas village around the base of this one:

Camper decorated for Christmas by Courtney Rowley

Such a cozy living room!

Large Christmas tree in camper by Megan Gregory

But where do they store all their holiday decor?

Wondering what these RV owners do with their holiday decor when they’re not using it?

Here are their most common answers:

  • Some of them own a house and only use their RV for camping, so they store their camper Christmas decor in their house along with the rest of their holiday decor.
  • Some who live in their RV’s full time have a storage shed or other location where they store some of their belongings, including their Christmas decor.
  • Some full-time RVers (myself included) keep their holiday decor in boxes or totes in the storage area under their RV, or in a cabinet, closet, or under the bed.
  • Some full-time RVers I know buy cheap holiday decor each year from the dollar store, donate it after Christmas, and replace it the next year.
  • Some RVers only decorate with natural decor such as real evergreen branches, cranberry garlands, paper chains, dried fruit, etc. This way everything can be thrown away after the holiday but won’t end up in a landfill.
  • Some use a combination of the ideas listed above–for example they may own a few sentimental ornaments and buy some strings of lights to decorate along with freshly cut greenery.

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