While most pumpkins will have glowing faces this Halloween, make yours stand out with an RV or camping design.

KOA and Hamilton’s RV have created several templates featuring motorhomes, travel trailers, campfires, and other scenes inspired by the outdoors. And they’re all free to print!

To use the templates: Save and print out your favorite design below.  Tape it onto the flattest side of a hollowed-out pumpkin, and use a poking tool (or nail) to pierce through the paper and pumpkin skin, following the lines of the design.  Poke holes about ¼ of an inch apart from one another, or closer together for more difficult designs.

Then remove the template and use it for reference as you carve out the black (or dotted) areas.  Add in a battery-powered light when you’re done, and leave it out on your steps after dark.  For safety, opt for a smaller pumpkin saw instead of a sharp knife, and use it carefully at a 90-degree angle as you carve.

1. This one’s for RVers who love getting lost in the woods.

2. An easy-to-carve Class C RV.

Here’s the full template to print:


3. This campfire design looks even better when it’s glowing after dark.

4. S’mores are never a bad idea. (Even these unusual combinations.)

5. These simple shapes are kid-friendly.

6. A spooky design for teardrop trailer fans.

Article Courtesy of: https://www.doityourselfrv.com/halloween-pumpkin-templates/