The Go RVing PR team works with media outlets across the country to tell the real-life stories of RVers and introduce even more consumers to the RVing lifestyle. Recently, they worked with María, who is known on her blog as La Cooquette, as she detailed her family’s journey in an RV.

We recently came back from an road trip through Southern California with our two girls (aged three and one). It was our second RV family trip ever. To say that it will not be our last one would be a tremendous understatement. In fact, I believe every family with kids should try an RV trip at least once, and here’s just a few reasons why.

Total Freedom and Flexibility

RV trips afford you a level of independence and autonomy ideal for any traveller looking for a real sense of rest. How many times have we planned a trip to relax but then found ourselves sprinting frantically through airport terminals, uneasily waiting for tour groups to gather, or helplessly beholden to a rigid itinerary?

RV trips are the antithesis of all that; do as much or as little as you want, always on your own terms. RV’s also afford you a liberty of movement and comfort that is unrivaled, as they provide the comforts of any modern home with the freedom of moving around by car. And before naysayers say “RV’s are huge, impossible to drive through city streets!”, let me say that I thought the same way. But the truth is, we drove a 30ft RV around and never felt these dimensions limited our movement.

Safer During the Pandemic

This was one of the biggest incentives for me. My two girls are too young to get the vaccine yet, so I didn’t want to expose them to packed airports and long flights. And yet I felt that, after more than a year of their childhoods being so conditioned and restricted by the pandemic, we owed it to them more than ever to go on a fun family excursion. An RV trip provides all the fun while also granting much more control over the environment of your children.

Unlimited Luggage

One of the most stressful parts of travelling with children is packing. It’s hard enough for me as an adult not to over pack and to stay within the weight restrictions mandated by airlines. With children, it’s even trickier because they want to bring so many toys and paraphernalia. Thankfully, RV’s have plenty of storage space, so we didn’t have to compromise as much as we would have had we used a conventional mode of transport.  Our girls were able to bring plenty of toys and even their bicycles. Mom and dad took with them a portable grill and as much camera gear as we wanted.

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